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Take a stroll through any mega bookstore, and you will be inundated with countless fantasy fiction books. A few will be great fantasy books, some will be good fantasy books, and most will be bad fantasy books. Finding a good fantasy novel is difficult, like sifting for gold among sand. But occasionally, just occasionally, you'll find that rare nugget, that grain of gold to forever treasure.


Some have a negative perception of fantasy literature (especially those who read only "mainstream" literature) as being cheesy, badly written, and cliche. Yet, rest assured there are some very well written fantasy books out there -- books that can compete arm to arm with "literature". You just have to know where to look.

BestFantasyBooks.com is your number one source for fantasy and science fiction recommendations -- books, comics, anime, movies, and games. We've spent countless hours creating detailed recommendation lists to suite EVERY fantasy fanboy's taste.


Make sure to check out our new sister site devoted to ONLY science fiction: BestScienceFictionBooks.com. It's still in development, but there are a number of recomendation lists ready, including our Top 25 Best Science Fiction Books.


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December 2014


After a very long delay, the new site is coming within two weeks WITH 6-7 brand new lists, and the core main lists completely updated. Sorry for the long delay. I've promised these lists 6 to 9 months ago. The delay has been because I've been developing a brand new layout for almost a whole year and I didn't want to release the new lists on the old layout. Updating and adding new lists was a tremendous amount of work on my part as well -- almost a month straight of writing! And the layout taking about a year of work with coders and designers was a big push as well.

Well, the good news is, finally the layout is pretty much done. And most of the new content is done. The focus of the new layout is to give you guys better recommendations, harnessing the power of the crowd to make those recommendations as accurate as possible.

So. Stay tuned for the new site, updated lists, and new lists. ETA about 1-2 weeks. The content might be a bit rough as I don't have it copy edited just yet, so I'll need your help to point out errors.

Anyways, here's a list of (some of) the updates:

Updated Lists

*Top 25 Best Fantasy Books - 2014/2015 Edition

*Best Fantasy Series - 2014/2015

*Best Standalone Fantasy Books - 2014 Edition (Still working on this)

*Top 100 Best Fantasy Books (Great Fantasy Books changed into a Top 100 list and massively updated)

*Good Fantasy Books (another 100 recommendations updated, books ranked after the Top 100)

Brand NEW Lists

*Best Grimdark Fantasy Books (officially, THE Grimdark, list)

*Best Completed Fantasy Books

*Best Fantasy Books of 2014

*Best Feel Good Fantasy Books (you know, since people complain my recommendations are too Grimdark)

*Best Fantasy Books Since 2010 (modern fantasy since 2010)

New Site Layout

*Brand New Look

*Better Listiverse Integration on List Items (Integration of Listiverse rankings, ratings, user reviews, award info, series info, author info into list items)

*New User Recommendations Widget (the public can now easily recommend similar books to any book on the main lists and rank them. This means if you like a book, get on the fly recommendations from the crowd for similar style books)

*New Homepage with new Listiverse features for better recommendations

*New Content page look


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