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About Us

A look back at the history of the site... was started in 2003 as a list of the site admin's favorite fantasy books. Eventually it was made into a (very) basic website in 2005.

Over the past ten years the site as grown phenomenally and is now one of the top fantasy book websites on the web.

Since 2008, the site has had over 5 million unique visitors, over 7 million sessions, and served up more than 15 million page views.

In 2014, we've had over 1.3 million visitors and 4 million page views alone.

We look forward to growing even more over 2015 and delivering more awesome content to help you find the best fantasy reads.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to help readers find the best fantasy and science fiction books out there -- both older books and the newest ones. This has been our goal since the beginning and will remain our goal. As the website expands, so will our detailed recommendations!

Please Support Us

The site is funded through amazon affiliate sales (we get a very small commission if you purchase an amazon book/product through one of our links), ads, and occational advertisements.

It takes an incredible amount of work to keep this site updated with new content on a regular basis, and we spent a lot of money on upgrading the site with new interactive features (the 2015 site upgrade + new features costed me over 6K USD out of pocket and 1 year of coding time).

Hosting also costs quite a bit due to the heavy traffic the site receives to the tune of hundreds of dollars per month.

So, if you find this website useful at all, please do help support the site by using our affiliate links if you are going to buy books (or anything) from amazon. It really does help!

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Get pulled into the world of Av'lor and fly with Sir Lanclor to defend the portal to Earth. Armor is optional.

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