Review: Legion – Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson

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Psychologists and even Stephen Leeds himself (main character), cannot define what he has. Schizophrenia is a close approximation but not entirely correct. Multiple personalities isn’t right either. What Leeds has are Aspects. Leeds has imaginary Aspects that are part of him. They each (there are 8) have a different role to play. Ivy, helps Leeds in social situations, J.C. is his tactical assistant etc. Leeds himself is an “ordinary” detective, no powers, not much knowledge. Everything he does, he gets help from his Aspects. Now the difference here is that Leeds treats each of his Aspects as real people. He opens the door for them, when he goes to a restaurant, he has to get enough seats for the Aspects that are with him then and there. If they don’t come with him to missions, then he can’t use those expertise. Crazy right?

In Skin Deep (Book 2, but completely self contained), Leeds has been hired by a man called Yol, an old acquaintance, to solve the disappearance of a Corpse. Usually, missing corpses aren’t a big deal and don’t need a detective, but this one is of an upcoming scientist. This scientist was researching how to store digital data inside the cells of a human body, and Yol is afraid that this corpse has crucial data relating to his company.

I think Sanderson does a good job of getting the suspense just right. The humour and how the main character Leeds interacts with his Aspects has you rooting for him to do well, but also to giggle at all the craziness of the situation. I got the audio book of this story free from Audible (still free as this blog is published). The narrator Oliver Wyman, does a really good job of keeping me interested, and has a knack for differentiating the different characters, females included.

Overall all, I liked the story, but the ending seemed a bit flat. If you want something short and sweet, then this could do it for you. If you know someone who isn’t a big fantasy person, then this book could also appeal to them.

(note: I don’t usually listen to audio books, but as these are short they can be listened to at gym sessions or what not)



Review: The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin

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Although The Ice Dragon is marketed as a children’s book, it isn’t. So don’t go out and buy it for your kids. It mentions the birthing process and might inspire some questions. It mentions the cold “creeping under the layers of blankets that covered the birthing bed” and that Adara “was icy to touch when she came forth”. It is also really depressing and no real happy ending, so there is that.

Story wise it is an awesome short little story. It is cold and dark and creepy and very, very Martin. The book has beautiful drawings and they really do add to the overall experience of really the book. It has small chapters and that is consistent with a children’s book even if the content and language isn’t.

If you just love Martin’s stuff and want to read everything you can get your hands on, buy it. If you were going to buy it for your kids, make sure you go to a bookstore and have a quick read. If you were going to buy in hopes it might ease your G.R.R Martin cravings, just re read one of the ASoIaF books or get your hands on the tales of Dunk and Egg (great short stories btw), that would be a better idea.

This is the older version

(Edit by Jon Snow) – The original publishing of this book was in 2007. The more recent addition of this reprint has different pictures. I would say that both have great illustrations but the newer additions are better suited to the book. However, art is really subjective! The newer one looks more badass, where the older one had a Neverending Story feel to it.



Review: Half The World by Joe Abercombie

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This is the book I never knew I needed! This trilogy is marketed as YA (young adult) but Half a King (book 1) is pretty much just Abercrombie without sex and swearing. Half The World is different (book 2), it lends itself to a coming of age story. Please don’t be put off, just read on!

If you haven’t read Half a King – go do it now and then come back, it is a really great book.

So we continue the storyline of our one good handed friend Yarvi who stumbles upon two new characters; a young lady, Thorn, and a gentleman by the name of Brand. They both want to be warriors. Thorn is totally mad yet still crazy amazing and Brand just wants to do the ‘good’ thing. Think you know where is this is going? Well you don’t so stop it!

The book has all the normal kick arse things that are the norm for an Abercrombie book, black humour, twists and turns, things never panning out the way the characters thought they would, violence and all that jazz. The thing that makes this book really special is the honesty of the characters growth as people and their developing friendships. The characterisation is superb and when Abercrombie gets this right, his books are complete.

I don’t want to spoil anything, and I can’t quote from the book so this is just a short review. But please know I can’t praise it enough. I’ve been in a reading slump for weeks since. It is totally awesomely fantastic!

I would definitely be recommending this to Abercrombie fans, but you will be getting it already. I would strongly suggest that if you have a growing teenager (boy or girl) in your family, hand them this, they will love it.

Just promise you’ll read it? OK?

Danica :)