Interview – Peter Newman

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We recently sat down with the much talked about fantasy author Peter Newman, whose fantastic debut The Vagrant recently hit the shelves. We probed Peter on various topics, including the pricing of the book on Amazon, his input towards the cover blurb, his feelings about being the new kid on the block, his podcast, how many books he plans for this series, his influences and many many more. Listen to the interview below. p.s. *spoiler* I knew computer games were an influence!

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The Mad Apprentice by Django Wexler

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The Mad Apprentice by Django Wexler is the sequel to The Forbidden Library, a very good Adolescent/Young Adult fantasy book. The story of Alice and how she is sucked into a world where Readers (magicians) bind creatures to their being by confronting and conquering creatures from within Prison Books. In The Mad Apprentice, Alice is instructed to go to Stronghold of Esau, a Reader of renown. Esau has been murdered by his apprentice and thus Alice, along with other apprentices, will go and bring back this apprentice to justice. Most stronghold’s defences dwindle when its Master dies, however, this is…

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Review: Half a War & a Joe Abercrombie giveaway

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Half a War by Joe Abercrombie I am going to try and do audio reviews from now on. I want to try to keep them to 2 min, as we are all busy people. If you hate it please let me know, I don’t want you to miss out on reviews! We really wanted to give you Joe Abercrombie but he politely refused! So we had to go with the next best thing and have a signed poster of the man in anticipation of the the latest and last book in his Shattered Sea trilogy. This is Joe in all his…

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The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett

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The Skull Throne is the 4th instalment of The Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett. One could say that it is highly anticipated but for many different reasons. There are some that just really enjoy the intricacies of the world Brett has created, the magic system and the overall story telling. Other’s like myself have thought of this series as being a bit of a train wreck. The first book called The Painted Man (Warded Man in the US) was just brilliant. Loved everything about the book. Magic, demons, cultural clash, victory and betrayal. Then the Desert Spear came out…

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Giveaway: The Vagrant by Peter Newman

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In my last post I raved about The Vagrant by Peter Newman. Well now is your chance to win 1 of 5 copies thanks to Harper Voyager Australia. Oh, no…Australia! FEAR NOT! This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL! Hooray! All you need to do, is follow the Rafflecopter instructions. Please remember the Ts & Cs: 1) Prize per person 2) If you don’t qualify for the entry, all your entries will be removed i.e. you say you commented on the blog, but you didn’t 3) Winners have 48 hours to reply to email to claim the prize 4) The competition is not…

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The Vagrant by Peter Newman

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Never had I known so little about an author and their book, but be so enraptured at the same time. I received an ARC copy a couple of weeks back and only just got to it after reading The Autumn Republic. I didn’t read the blurb at the back, so I had no prior knowledge at all. The Vagrant is a man on a mission. He is walking towards the Shining City, which is the last bastion of the human race. He has only his pack, a sword and a new born baby. Several years before, an invasion by demon’s rocked…

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The Great Way by Harry Connolly

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The Great Way trilogy is a classic fantasy story, with a whole bunch of unique elements. But first off, you should know one thing. This trilogy was funded through Kickstarter, and I am very happy it was funded. I have liked Harry Connollys writings since forever, and my overall impression of these books are also positive. The Great Way consists of The Way Into Chaos, The Way into Magic and The Way into Darkness. The Great Way is the story of Tyr Tejohn Treygar, an ageing warrior turned nobleman, who acts as quartermaster and weapons trainer to the young prince…

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Game of Thrones Giveaway (Australian Residents Only)

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Season 5 of A Game of Thrones continues on April 12th. I’m sure just like me, many of you are eagerly awaiting for this to come out; dreading what they changed and how the series might (will) over take the book series. For those of you who haven’t read the books and are working their way through, well lucky you! We’re giving away 3 copies of A Dance of Dragons Part 1: Dreams and Dust. All you need to do, is fill out the form below by 12am on Easter Sunday (4th April, Eastern Australian Time). Look out for Part 2…

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creep: poetry

Review of CREEP: A Collection of Poetry and Flash Fiction

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CREEP  is a rather unique work of fantasy – a collection of horror poems and flash short stories by different authors that all pay homage to Halloween. It’s not your usual type of fantasy, but for that reason, I found it unique enough and well worth the minimal investment in time it takes to read through this. The stories and poems are, as you might surmise from the title of the work, all about horror, celebrating the magic, mystery, and horror of Halloween. Contained in Creep, you have poems and flash fiction (one or two page short stories) about vampires, zombies, ghosts,…

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