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Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 17: The Past, the Present, and Azren

The Past, the Present, and Azren   It had bee...

The Lifepod Review by Anu Morris

The Lifepod is the first novel by Anu Morris and ...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 16: Cavern of the Undead

Cavern of the Undead   “Are you sure you to...


Month: July 2015

Review: Half a War by Joe Abercrombie

by Jon Snow

The last and final book in The Shattered Seas trilogy brings a somewhat familiar ending. We get the usual delight of grimdark from the Lord himself (did you know that his twitter handle @grimdark was a joke at the time of creation, but also a self-fulfulling prophecy) and an array of motley crew. Half a […]

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Amazon PRIME DAY (Amazon Kindle for $49 Today Only)

by Ben

If you’ve been hankering to get your hands on a Kindle (so you can enjoy many of those sweet firesale Kindle book deals Amazon puts out every day), today is your day. Amazon if having a huge PRIME DAY sale where they basically have invented their own Black Friday, because like, they can do that […]

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