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Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 40: In Search of a King

In Search of a King   The rain started up wit...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 39: The Onyx Stone

The Onyx Stone     Three days. That’s ...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 38: The Many Eyes of the Ilpith

The Many Eyes of the Ilpith     Mud and ...


Month: July 2015

Review: Half a War by Joe Abercrombie

by Jon Snow

The last and final book in The Shattered Seas trilogy brings a somewhat familiar ending. We get the usual delight of grimdark from the Lord himself (did you know that his twitter handle @grimdark was a joke at the time of creation, but also a self-fulfulling prophecy) and an array of motley crew. Half a […]

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Amazon PRIME DAY (Amazon Kindle for $49 Today Only)

by Ben

If you’ve been hankering to get your hands on a Kindle (so you can enjoy many of those sweet firesale Kindle book deals Amazon puts out every day), today is your day. Amazon if having a huge PRIME DAY sale where they basically have invented their own Black Friday, because like, they can do that […]

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