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Final Confrontation   Years of sentinel train...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 49: Secrets Revealed

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Month: October 2015

Review: Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

by Jon Snow

(Details for giveaway below review) I love Mistborn. I’ve read the trilogy and I’ve listened to it in Audiobook format. There are not many books I have done this for. I love the magic system and it only got more complex as the story continued. When Alloy of Law came out (unexpectedly) we got more […]

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Interview with Ben Aaronovitch

by Jon Snow

Author of the River of London series starring Peter Grant, Ben Aaronovitch answers questions such as: Does England colloquialism alienate American readers  In terms of research, Peter Grant’s background has  a mixed race background – have you done much digging into Sierra Leone immigrant culture? Where do you draw upon for the police procedural elements […]

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Review: An Apprentice to Elves

by Jon Snow

I had not heard of this series prior to receiving “An Apprentice to Elves,” but this book stands on its own.  Our title character is Alfgyfa, a young girl who has been sent to live with the svartalfar (basically dark elves).  The svartalfar are excellent craftspeople and Alfgyfa is apprenticed to a metalsmith named Tin […]

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Review: Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb

by Jon Snow

Robin Hobb has without a doubt in my mind already written the most well rounded character in the history of fantasy. There are not many books that write a protagonist that are in more than 3 books and span over several decades. With Fitzchivalry Farseer, we get to meet him from a little “orphan” boy […]

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Review of Mombie by Barry A. Burgess

by Ben

Mombie, a new indie novel by first timer Barry A. Burgess. During the reading of it, I had the feeling this would be a good, cute story to read to your kids and that the author had this specifically in mind while writing the story. And indeed, while the overall story is a bit rough […]

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