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7 Books To Read If You Loved Supernatural

By / June 13, 2017 / no comments

The longest running American fantasy show, Supernatural combines urban fantasy with the feeling of life on the road and small town americana. Borrowing from the mythologies of multiple cultures,and then in a more recent shift, a focus on Judeo-Christian came to rule the series. Regardless of if they are monster of the week or fighting with/against angels and demons, it is clear that this band of brothers has captured the hearts and minds of fantasy fans. This is seven books, prose and graphic novels, you would enjoy while waiting for it’s thirteenth season to begin on Thursday, October 12th, at 8PM Eastern on The CW.

The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Currently adapted into a television show of the same name on the Syfy network, this novel from 2009 is a more adult take on the magical school urban fantasy genre that has been so popular since the wild success of Harry Potter. But don’t think that it is childish at all, as this tale of high school students going to a college of magic has many adult themes, to the point that the television show aged up the characters to graduate school students for its rendition.

If what brings you to Supernatural is the interactions between characters and the deep mythos of the universe, this first book of this trilogy would be an exemplary read until Supernatural come back onto the air, and if there’s still more time, I would suggest checking out the series on Syfy as well.

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

A mix of the hardboiled detective and urban fantasy genres, paired with the wise cracking but eminently capable protagonists who aren’t afraid to play in the gray area between perfectly good and evil to do the right thing, The Dresden Files would the next logical step for viewers trying to get a fix of fantasy detectives between seasons. With fifteen novels and more short stories and comics, there is more than enough Dresden works to tide one over.

Much like Supernatural, The Dresden Files turns from a monster of the week series about the eponymous wizard detective dealing with various supernatural problems in modern day Chicago, pivoting to a larger arc as the series moves on, dealing with some of the same themes of mythologies and riding that line between doing something perhaps morally wrong for the right reasons, as well as complex family relationships, The Dresden Files could be the series for you.

Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire, written by Jason Aaron, art by Roland Boschi, Ghost Rider created by Gary Friedrich, Roy Thomas, and Mike Ploog

The only thing as American as killing monsters and fighting angels in an Chevy Impala is doing so on a Harley. Marvel’s iconic damned biker Johnny Cage, as well as his little brother Danny Ketch, in this finale of a longer run, take on a renegade angel who has taken control of Heaven, and to stop him, they most find and protect the Antichrist. Those who are caught up on Supernatural might have a feeling of deja vu.

If hard hitting and nearly nonstop action, sexy femme fatale side characters, and badass American monster ass kicking is why you watch Supernatural, you will enjoy this six-issue run of Ghost Rider.

Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

Bounty hunting the supernatural for the alternate history Cincinnati police, Rachel Morgan is a witch who runs an agency helping with mundane and the magical, in a world where instead of the Americans and Soviets working to get to the moon, they made genetically engineered foodstuffs that mistakenly killed off most of the human race, thus exposing the nonhuman and magic users. Four decades later, the world is as it is, gritty detective noir like some of the best episodes of later seasons of Supernatural.

Mixing the sassy first person magic detective, interplaying with non-human partners and romantic interludes, and threats both small and large are things that The Hollows series and Supernatural handle in a very enjoyable way. Additionally, completed with thirteen books and connected short stories and graphic novels, there is a lot there to enjoy with a conclusion so viewers aren’t waiting for another book.

Gotham by Midnight, written by Ray Fawkes, art by Andrea Sorrentino, The Spectre created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily

DC’s Gotham City, a mix of the darkest parts of Chicago and New York City, has a precinct thirteen, where the strange cases go, more strange than the Gotham Police can handle, more strange than the Batman himself could deal with. In that precinct is a squad that includes a scientist, a nun, and the enigmatic GCPD detective Jim Corrigan, who has a secret, he is the host for the spirit of divine vengeance, The Spectre.

Supernatural is more than just monster hunting and a band of brothers, sometimes it deals with darker themes, of if killing a monster, like a vampire, who doesn’t kill people, but who might, the right thing to do, or is it vengeance. This is some of the struggles Jim deals with, keeping The Spectre at bay, as it doesn’t see shades of grey, just black and white. If you enjoy morality struggles, this would be a pair of graphic novels for you.

Death Vigil, created, written, and art by Stjepan Sejic

Empowered by the Grim Reaper herself, members of the Death Vigil are people choose to fight an eternal war against evil necromancers and the Lovecraftian horrors they are trying to unleash onto the world instead of passing on when they themselves died. Supernatural fans might feel a bit of deja vu for this storyline as well, but unlike the Reapers in the show, these warriors fight for the side of good.

Much like the Winchesters and their ragtag band of hunters, the Death Vigil are a makeshift family, proof that the ties that bind are as much about those to whom you are connected to by blood as well as those who you choose to live and, possibly, die for.

Guilty Pleasure by Laurell K. Hamilton

One of the trope setters in the modern urban fantasy genre, Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series features the same kick ass action and monster slaying that Supernatural fans love so much. Blake raises the dead, kills vampires, and helps the police with the magical threats. This soon also pivots to following Blake’s steamy relationship.

The show has over its many seasons put a spotlight on the brother’s sordid relationships, for better or worse, as well as their teaming up or fleeing various law enforcement agencies. For more mature fans of the show, Anita Blake would be a good interlude between seasons.

Since 2005, Supernatural has been filling the screen with some of the best urban fantasy television yet. It has a dedicated fan base, and unlike other shows, it replies to some of the more outrageous things the fans talk about on screen. But even so, there is only so long a show can go on each season, and viewers need something read while they wait. The thirteenth season of Supernatural starts at 8PM eastern on The CW on October 12th.

Was this list informative for you? Will you be reading or have read any of the books I’ve mentioned? If so, what did you think? Did I miss something big you think readers of the site would enjoy? What would you suggest Supernatural fans would enjoy reading? Let me know your list, and why you picked them, in the comments below.

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