A Game of Thrones Prequel – HBO Considers

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So I stumbled upon this site, which essentially says that HBO are considering doing a prequel to A Game of Thrones. Those of us who have read Martin’s works knows that he has 3 novellas dubbed the ‘Dunk and Egg’ series. I love Dunk and Egg. I think that not only is it in a world that I love, but it is much more lighthearted  and fun. I have no problems with them doing a prequel.

However, my problems lie as such. Will others who have been watching Game of Thrones because it is gritty, violent, sex filled and shocking (both in graphics and story line) watch a prequel which I can only imagine as being more lighthearted and fun? Sure there are scenes of fighting and a little bit of politics but this series is really different to A Song of Ice and Fire.

We know that Martin can’t finish writing Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring before the HBO series catches up. If they do decide to do a prequel then it will give Martin more time to write…right? Well, it seems that Martin takes quite a lot of interest into the making of the series and it seems to me as a humble reader/watcher/advocate of A Song of Ice and Fire that he doesn’t spend enough time writing anymore (this is only from watching people like Steven Erikson and Brandon Sanderson pump out books like paper is going out of Fashion).

Personally, I would have much more rather liked the prequel to have come after Game of Thrones series had finished, but we know that won’t happen and HBO need to help Martin with as much time as possible to finish the written series. Probably a reason why A Storm of Swords will be two seasons (and because it’s so big…huge in fact).

Anyways, what are your thoughts?

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  • ross

    I think that game of thrones is mediocre fantasy. The story is okay but I think the author is a misogynist because of the way he portrays women.. Also, good books to not have to be vulgar to portray emotion. The cliff hangers at the end of most chapters is weak writing best left to new writers that don’t know what continuity is

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