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Authors and their precious signatures

By / October 8, 2012 / no comments

This post started as, let me be honest, a whinge about book signings. Specifically, book signings in Australia. I thought I better get my facts straight, so I went in search of a list of author signings in Dymocks and Angus and Robertson (they didn’t have any). The results I found were exactly as I suspected! Then I went looking on Barnes and Noble and again, as I suspected! Publishers are also a great way of finding out who is doing what, even going to a talk by an author would be awesome. What my research shows me is this; book signings are dominated by fiction writers and authors of biographies (yuk!). I did however find out that Jim Butcher is signing books on 30th November in Skokie, IL to coincide with the release of Cold Days on 27th November, so not a total bust as I am excited about that book. Also Orson Scott Card has a signing in Greensboro NC on the 30th October, on the same day as his latest installment of the Pathfinder series is released. Good news for fans of those authors close to those places. So bookstores a bit of a hit and miss what else is out there?

I figured maybe bookstores aren’t where the cool authors of fantasy hang out, so I checked out nerdy conventions. The big ones aren’t in Australia but here are the overseas findings. In Toronto there is the World Fantasy Convention. This website is pretty horrible and it is given the award for ‘Most Unflattering Photos of Their Guests’ award. In conjunction with that I must say, I don’t know all there is to know about fantasy and its authors, but I am not really interested in any of the special guests, which include Elizabeth Hand, Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. There are other conventions and some look really cool. MidSouthCon has a much nicer webpage and looks like it would be an awesome experience. But it’s not the book signing I was looking for, and they aren’t anywhere near Australia.

I had a look at writing festivals (news to me too) and JACKPOT!!!! Joe Abercrombie is coming to Sydney for their GenreCon! From Abercrombie’s blog I found out about Supernova. Abercrombie and Trudi Canavan are going to be in Brisbane and Adelaide for the pop culture convention. I have already booked the Sydney weekend away and will try and find out how to attend, Please keep me in your prayers. You know the ones that go …

1.Martin, please finish your book.
2.Sanderson get back into Stromlight Archive.
3.Bring back Dresden Files on TV
4.Please help Danica get to GenreCon.

My overall conclusion is that unless you subscribe to an author’s blog, you are a regular of conventions, popping in to your library or literary festivals, you might miss out. I know now that I’ll be keeping an eye out more regularly, I mean come on JOE ABERCROMBIE in Sydney!

For all our American friends Corey Olsen, Lary Niven, Howard Andrew, Max Gladstone and Lois McMaster Bujold are all signing books around America.


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