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Book Club Review: Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

By / March 14, 2014 / no comments

Our February Book Club Book was a pleasant surprise. We all really enjoyed our stroll through this lovely work of mythic fiction. Readers are drawn into a world where two powerful magicians pit contestants against either other. The contestants have to work within some very vague rules and engage in a series of tests designed to better each other. None of this is why the book is so great.

The book is all about the atmosphere, the magic of the circus where the contest is being held, this is the real seller of this book. Darth Tater comments, “Doesn’t it feel like you bought a ticket and are wandering around in it with eyes wide in awe and maybe some goosebumps? I sure wish they would’ve stopped by my neighborhood when I was a kid. Or even now for that matter.”  I totally agree the writing of the circus is the best part of the book. Laur says  “I could actually see the circus in my head, and I so wanted to go there.” 

This book is not about action, it is not about fast plot lines, it is about a beautiful story and that is what you will get. There are vivid descriptions of the circus from multiple view points. The circus itself is almost a character and it is certainly alive. The performances are described in detail and there are frequently new tents added to the circus, keeping readers engaged and desperate for more. The contest is almost at times, relegated to the backseat while the circus is explored by visitors.

I recommend the paperback version of Night Circus, as it has some awesome art inside and out and the black and white drawings add to the feel of the a trip to the circus. It really does lose something in ebook format. Some of the fan art is really great too, I recommend checking it out!

The average rating speaks for itself … 4/5

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