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Review: Cold Days by Jim Butcher

By / February 3, 2013 / no comments

Cold Days is the 14th books in the Dresden Files. There have been 14 books of awesome from Jim Butcher that you should have at least started to read. If you have not, I will convince you! In a spoiler free way of course 🙂

Harry Dresden is a bad arse, wise cracking, morally righteous bad day for the evil things in his city and the things that threaten it. He deals with crazy evil things and just normal people evil too sometimes. He approaches both with jokes and an ability to turn everything around him to ash or ice (that’s not scary at all). He is such a great character, he has an iron will and a willingness to help everyone. He loves his friends fiercely and would burn down the world to save them, and there is the problem. Dresden pisses off a lot of bad “people”, and bad things tend to go after the friends and family or the person that pissed them off. Harry has so much power and because he is such a nice guy, he has to find ways to saving things he loves, without burning down the world, and thus in one paragraph I have the central conflict (hold your applause to the end please).

The two best things about any Dresden novel is the humour and the constant plot twists and turns as Harry tries to save the day on a limited time schedule (of course there HAS to be a limited time schedule). Harry is constantly making sarcastic jokes, referencing popular culture and insulting almost everybody he feels needs some insulting. The books are always fast paced and really funny. I like to think of them as a really long Benny Hill track with some comic relief and heart pounding moments. Cold Days is no different, except with more heart pounding moments.

The magic system and the use of magic is really fun and Harry does some pretty kick arse things with it. If you think magic wielding cowboy, you kind of get the gist. There is so much magic used constantly that it does mean a bit of ‘lesson time’ in each of the books. I can tell you how a locator spell works in the Dresden universe and why another wizard having the shavings from your beard is ok, but a hair from your head is not. I don’t mind the short trips down lesson lane, because they are that, short. In Cold Days, Harry is using a different kind of magic, and it is very different. The reader learns along with Dresden what it can and can’t do, and what kind of damage and havoc he can cause wielding it. I had just as much fun reading about it as Dresden had heart pounding moments creating it.

Butcher did really well with this novel. There were surprises, things I didn’t see coming. For the last few books there has been an over arching big bad messing with Dresden and all he holds dear and in this book there is another.

So once again Butcher is amping the series up and just keeps piling on things for Harry to eventually deal with. There are new power players and people around Dresden have been called on to do some ‘didn’t see that coming’ kind of jobs. It leaves me with so much hope for this series. Butcher just keeps writing really good Dresden novels, and so I eagerly await the next one!

On a final note, Cold Days was fast paced, action packed and funny as hell. Everything you have come to expect from a Dresden Files novel. The constant admiring of the ‘female form’ was there too and as a female myself it still managed to make me a little annoyed and self conscious. It was a really great book and for those of you who have followed Dresden’s adventure it is a must read, but I’m sure you have already read it. For those of you who have yet to experience this world, go get on it!

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