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Fantasy Audio Books

By / August 27, 2009 / no comments

I’m a huge fantasy audio book fan. I’m so busy these days that most of the time I listen to audiobooks rather than just read a book. I know, those who love the feel of books cringe at this . But, here are a couple reasons why I prefer fantasy audio books over regular books.

1. Huge selection of audio books

If a fantasy book becomes popular, you can bet there’s going to be an audio book out there (Can you say Twilight Audio books?). There are also quite a few good science fiction audio books are well.

2. Voice Acting

The best fantasy audio books (or any audio books for that matter) live or die by the quality of the narrator. If the narrator has some talent, the entire “reading” experience can be elevated to another level. Narrators use different voices and accents for different characters — this can really add a deeper dimension to the listening experience. You can often “feel” what the character feels if the narrator renders character’s voice expression just right.

3. Audio books are Cheap

Ok, audio books are normally pretty expensive, Audible offers very cheap audio books if you sign up for their membership.

4. You can store many audio books on mp3 players

With ipods, amazon kindle, and other such gizmos all the rage now, it’s easy to store as many audio books as you want. This makes audio books great for  traveling. Listening to books on that long plain ride ROCKs.

5. You Can Entertain Yourself While working

Yep. Audio books are my favorite way of passing “chore” time. Need to wash dishes? Vacum? Long ride to work? No Problem, just listen to your audio book to speed up time.

So there we go, 5 Reasons to listen to an audio book.


Note, we suggest you take a look at our Top 10 Best Fantasy Audiobooks list — we choose the audiobooks based on the quality of the story AND the excellence of the narrator reading the story among other criteria.



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