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A professional photographer by the name of Lauren Zurchin is running a kickstarter program. She is trying to raise $15,000 to make a calendar featuring 14 well known authors in custom made costumes.

An example of the Winter Queen series for the Kickstarter project.

If you are a fan of Brandon Mull, Christopher Paolini, Gregory Maguire, Brandon Sanderson, Tad Williams, Patrick Rothfuss, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Lauren Kate, Lauren Oliver, Maggie Stiefvater, Gail Carriger, Tessa Gratton, and/or Brenna Yovanoff then you should consider backing this cause. You have the chance to get one of a kind merchandise from one of your favourite authors, get their signature and maybe skype one of them for 30 minutes!

Once all the calendars are sold hopefully they will make a tidy sum which goes towards two charities. Firstbook helps to get books to children in need; Worldbuilders was started by Patrick Rothfuss and aims to help people less well off than us, making the world a better place.

It’s a very ambitious project but I think it is a very worthy cause. You as a backer will get some cool stuff to go along with your charity.

The project only has until the end of Feb for pledges, so have a good think and pledge!

Need more convincing? Click the video below for a message from Lauren herself.


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