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Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

By / March 19, 2016 / no comments

Glass Sword is the sequel to Red Queen, a YA fantasy that borders and mingles the lines between Medieval and Urban, though Dystopian Future would be the best term. The overall story centres on a girl called Mare Barrow who is born Red. This means she has red blood with no magical abilities. Silvers on the other hand do, and they are the elite class who rule over the rest. By happenstance, while in a Silver City an accident happens and Mare’s magical abilities flare up. Lightning is her calling and she is then whisked away to be used as a political puppet.

Glass_SwordI’m really torn about Glass Sword. In one instance I really love it. It’s essentially a book about mutants with all kinds of cool powers. I love superhero movies and comics and this book sings out to me. Yet, on the other side of the coin, I can’t like the main protagonist. She doesn’t act like a 17 year old (seems much older) and she is mostly brooding. Sanderson has said that books you don’t like, were probably not targeted at you. However, I want to disagree here, without a brooding, depressing, almost unintentional masochist of a protagonist, I would very much love this book. Use of political agenda, mutants with super powers and battles that would cause other fantasy books headaches, this could have really been a winner.

I really feel that perhaps this book was written to be made into a movie(s). It makes a lot of sense, as we would get more empathy for the main character, but reading it from her POV is awfully depressing.

The book sets up for at least one more book but I can see many books to come yet as well.

Get the book here.

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