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Half an Interview

By / February 17, 2015 / no comments

I recently interviewed Joe Abercrombie, and it was totally awesome. I was crazy excited for weeks. I read both his AMA’s from top to bottom and read through pretty much all of his previous interviews to make sure I didn’t ask boring questions. I also read sooo many blogs about conducting an interview and even went to shop for a recorder (which btw, so over priced) and all that reading did me little good when I didn’t turn my phone to flight mode while recording the interview (great free recording apps out there), so … that was a thing.

I saw the interview when Matt Staggs interviews Joe. Joe was being mean, in jest I was hoping, but this made me even more nervous. Turns out there was no need to be nervous. Joe was a total gentleman, cracked jokes liked I had hoped and answers questions really thoughtfully. Plus he let me take a photo with him and signed a huge A3 poster of himself for all the people who wouldn’t be able to see him in person (because they weren’t able or would run away crying :P).

If you want you can listen to the audio, here are some reasons you should struggle through my fan girl laughs and nervousness:

Exclusive scoop! Joe shares his beauty secrets!
L3gacy gets his whiskey question answered and Joe gives some recs
Will Joe write Sci fi?? Listen in for his answer! (7 mins in ish)
Joe gets a bit deep talking about his character (and I ask the most awkward question that was posed on the forums [no thanks to you l3gacy for that one])
Joe throws down to our superb master tweeter
Is an author collaboration in the future? (19 mins)
The missing paragraph from Half the World, the one that was taken out! Hear all about it here! (still not sure if he was kidding, he looked dead serious)
Hear all about Joe’s indecent author’s proposal! (ooowooo)
Want to know WHO is in some of the short stories he has been writing? (28 mins in)
Want to know Danica’s ring tone, you’ll hear it here! Don’t bother to tease me, i’ll own it!
Last minute and a half we discuss the gifts I bought, vegemite and I float my own indecent author proposal.

That is it!

Not really sorry for the crappy audio quality or my girly laughs, you get to hear him talk and joke and tell you some funny stories and that should be enough!

By Danica

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