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Review: Half The World by Joe Abercombie

By / November 29, 2014 / no comments

This is the book I never knew I needed! This trilogy is marketed as YA (young adult) but Half a King (book 1) is pretty much just Abercrombie without sex and swearing. Half The World is different (book 2), it lends itself to a coming of age story. Please don’t be put off, just read on!

If you haven’t read Half a King – go do it now and then come back, it is a really great book.

So we continue the storyline of our one good handed friend Yarvi who stumbles upon two new characters; a young lady, Thorn, and a gentleman by the name of Brand. They both want to be warriors. Thorn is totally mad yet still crazy amazing and Brand just wants to do the ‘good’ thing. Think you know where is this is going? Well you don’t so stop it!

The book has all the normal kick arse things that are the norm for an Abercrombie book, black humour, twists and turns, things never panning out the way the characters thought they would, violence and all that jazz. The thing that makes this book really special is the honesty of the characters growth as people and their developing friendships. The characterisation is superb and when Abercrombie gets this right, his books are complete.

I don’t want to spoil anything, and I can’t quote from the book so this is just a short review. But please know I can’t praise it enough. I’ve been in a reading slump for weeks since. It is totally awesomely fantastic!

I would definitely be recommending this to Abercrombie fans, but you will be getting it already. I would strongly suggest that if you have a growing teenager (boy or girl) in your family, hand them this, they will love it.

Just promise you’ll read it? OK?

Danica 🙂






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