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Imaginative People are readers of Fantasy

By / June 8, 2012 / no comments

I’m really going to go out on a limb here and post a very generalised and subjective post. Hey, it might generate some discussion.

I’m thinking about why people read pop fiction vs someone who reads fantasy  (when I say fantasy in this article it means sci-fi as well). I think it comes down to that generally, fantasy readers are more creative people and have better imaginations. In lots of these books they need to be because the author has written a whole new world, written about magic or other worldly races. To make these books come to life we as readers need to be able to imagine at least half is what is going on.

Popular fiction is usually set in an Urban world where things make sense and are more plausible, requiring less imagination.

Are these readers less intelligent? No.
Can readers of pop fiction be great artists? Yes.

What I’m saying is that generally, readers of fantasy are more imaginative. I would go so far to say that we as fantasy readers would also love fantasy/sci-fi movies, we might role play and even do strategy board games. All of these help to create and nurture an imaginative mind.

What say you?

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