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Interview with Mitchell Hogan

By / December 16, 2015 / no comments

We talk his book The Crucible of Souls, self published to getting signed, ‘the business of writing’ and if geography matters as an author these days?

My review:

For a summary, listen to the first minute or so of the recording of have a look at this blurb from amazon “When Caldan’s parents are brutally slain, he is raised by monks and taught the arcane mysteries of sorcery. Vowing to discover for himself who his parents really were, and what led to their violent end, he is thrust into the unfamiliar chaos of city life. With nothing to his name but a pair of mysterious heirlooms and a handful of coins, he must prove his talent to earn an apprenticeship with a guild of sorcerers. But he soon learns the world outside the monastery is a darker place than he ever imagined, and his treasured sorcery has disturbing depths. As a shadowed evil manipulates the unwary and forbidden powers are unleashed, Caldan is plunged into an age-old conflict that brings the world to the edge of destruction…”

soulsIf you have listened to the recording you will know I allowed Hogan to address some of the criticism of his work so far. I think he is really realistic about what this book is and who it will be for so I will try to do the same.

While this book’s main character is young and he does set out on a journey in which events provoke his personal growth, the strength of the book doesn’t lie in the ‘farm boy with a sword plot point’. The strength is in the world building. We are treated to an interesting new world with only hints of the true nature of the world revealed. The benefit in reading this book is it has been though three real and valid checkpoints. First or maybe second, I don’t know was when Hogan self publish the book and readers loved it enough to be noticed up by Harper Coillins. The other thing is the book was awarded the 2013 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel. So the thing is, peers of Hogan liked it, readers liked it and the publishers made some more edits.

The result is a really solid debut of epic fantasy and an incredible last 100 pages or so that absolutely sucked me and made me want the next in the series. The hints he gave and the events that took place at breakneck speed really told me Hogan’s next book in the series was one to look out for. If you want to read epic fantasy and don’t mind a young protagonist, give it a go and if you’re an Aussie especially, buy it!! The second in the series is released in Feb, so a great Christmas read then you can get the next in the series!!

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