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Review of the Amazon Kindle Voyage E-Reader

By / January 4, 2016 / no comments

voyageI’m a big kindle fan.  I’ve been using one for yonks now, and over the past year or two, it’s become my favoured method of reading.  My old kindle (a 4th generation slightly dilapidated one) has served me well for a long long time, but recently I was given a brand spanking new Kindle Voyage as a gift (thanks Ben!), and here is my review!

First of all, let’s get one thing straight.  I’m technologically inept, and I hold my hands up to it, so apologies if I don’t cover things which may be important to you – my review will be based on (primarily) ease of use compared to my older version (as well as my wife’s kindle paperwhite).

Anyhow – here’s a pic of the new Kindle Voyage on the side




Let’s start with its appearance.

It’s smaller than my previous kindle (measuring just 162x115x7.6mm) but has the same size screen.  The width is about the same, and it’s only about a centimetre shorter, and this does make it that little bit sleeker and more ‘pocket size’, which is an improvement as far as I’m concerned.

The screen now sits flush with the surrounding body too, which makes it feel a bit more like a tablet.

Here is the Kindle Voyage Compared with Paperwhite and Basic Kindle



There is a higher resolution screen now, which is apparent when comparing side by side with the older version … the Voyage is up to 300 ppi (that’s pixels per inch for you non-tech folk), making illustrations a lot more vivid.  The text has a softer appearance, but it is also a lot crisper making for a more natural reading experience.

Much like the previous Paperwhite version, this also has a backlit screen.  I had a case with an incorporated LED flip-light with my old kindle, and instances of my wife telling me to “turn that bloody light off” have reduced significantly.  The backlight dims or brightens to suit your environment (when set to auto), which works really well; I haven’t felt the need to alter the automatic setting.  It can also be set to dim progressively when reading in a dark setting to allow your eyes to slowly adjust, although I’ve not tried this out yet!


Page turning has become a hell of a lot easier, and there’s a couple of ways this can be done.  The screen can be touched on either the left or right hand sides (much like the paperwhite) to turn back or forwards a page, and there are also pressure sensitive buttons (set flush, into the body) on each side of the screen, which give off a satisfying vibration each time they’re pressed.  Much like my older kindle, there are page forward, and smaller page back, buttons, and they’re perfectly placed for one-handed page turning.  You can even change the sensitivity of these buttons (which I haven’t felt the need to do yet) or turn them off completely, if you prefer to use the touchscreen.


The in-built dictionary has improved a helluva lot.  If you’re unsure about a word, just hold your finger over it on the screen, and hey presto, you get several boxes pop up, with the word definition, the Wikipedia entry (if relevant) as well as a translation option (which I imagine is massively useful for English readers from non-English speaking countries).  As with older kindles, there’s also the option to select a word and search the entire book for other uses of the word.


Another function which I’ve also used is the ‘link-up’ to my goodreads account.  You can update your goodreads account directly from the kindle (such as book progress), and you can even download samples of books you’ve got listed as ‘to read’ in your goodreads account!

This is a pretty cool function!


All in all I’m extremely impressed by the Voyage, and would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a new kindle.

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