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Publisher Press Release: Chephrael’s Hand

By / October 11, 2010 / no comments


Publisher press release:

Melissa McPhail’s new book, Cephrael’s Hand marks her debut as a fantasy writer. Every so often a writer incorporates all of the successful elements that reader’s demand: a good plot (yet not too predictable), characters that are complex and intriguing, a good mix of humor with action, and enough twists to keep you guessing. These characteristics will make Cephrael’s Hand a tough book to put down.

McPhail’s visual writing style and engaging storytelling quickly draws the reader in as we are introduced to several compelling characters. She builds tension early in the story, and her ability to bring real life and heart to her characters makes it easy to genuinely care about them. Interestingly, the story of Cephrael’s Hand is not one sided—with the “good guys” being objectively good and the “bad guys” being intrinsically evil. Instead, McPhail artfully presents the viewpoint of both sides, and we are left feeling that each may have a moral point to their own actions. The exploration of each character’s thoughts, motivations and frustrations are fully presented. McPhail crafts her tale without revealing too much and accordingly maintains a high level of interest and intrigue for the reader.

McPhail’s research into ancient cultures, weapons and fighting styles present clearly in this book. Without pages of unnecessary detail, enough information is given to establish credibility to the extraordinary aspects of Alorin, its creatures and the magic system presented within. The dialogue is insightful, intelligent and at times wonderfully humorous. We find ourselves laughing out loud at banter between characters and on the edge of tears from heart-tugging events.

Cephrael’s Hand is a captivating and entertaining novel and one that has me anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. I urge you to pick up the book and read through the first chapter; you’ll be hooked.

For more information, visit the author’s Cephrael Hand website.

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