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Review: Ender’s Game (Movie)

By / December 5, 2013 / no comments

I just got back from the cinemas. Yes, I know it was out ages ago, but I live on a tiny island on the bottom of the world where elves and hobbits live.

Ender’s Game is a book I read several years ago so many of the smaller details are perhaps lost on me. However, I don’t want to comment on the things that were added or things that were removed, as I only wish for these types of movies (from books) to promote the book. That’s all I wish. I want people to get into reading fantasy and sci-fi.

From that perspective I thought that the movie was really good. There were a lot of action scenes, gunning for the underdog (who doesn’t like an underdog) and there was perhaps an underlying budding romance. The acting from Asa Butterfield felt a bit awkward at times but I really liked his facial expressions.

Harrison Ford was ok. He really didn’t have any scenes that were noteworthy.

Ben Kingsley…ok I lied, I said I wasn’t going to say anything about additions. Yes, you don’t know what voices are like in books, but his accent sounded like a cross between a Saffa (South African) and an Aussie (Australian). Why is this ridiculous? Because he is suppose to be half-maori and has a full face moko (traditional face tattoo). That scene when he says his dad? (memory fails me) was a maori, the cinema actually laughed out loud.

When comparing it to the book, I still felt like it did a good job. It was probably too short though (classic line when books get turned into movies yeah?) because I thought you really never felt any empathy for Ender, you really weren’t rooting for him. I felt any empathy you felt for him was because of his surrounding teammates. There needed to be more combat battle scenes and more simulations so you really got into Ender’s mind and thinking. I also thought that the ending was telegraphed too much (way more than in the book), but this could be because I’ve read the book.

All in all I thought that it was a good representation of the book. Not as good as the book (like duh…obviously) but I think people will enjoy it and will get people to read the book. I just hope that it makes enough money to cover the cost of the movie so there can be a sequel.

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