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Review: Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

By / January 11, 2015 / no comments

**(Minor spoilers for the first book)**

Firefight is the second book in “The Reckoners” trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, which is a young adult series. The series protagonist David, is a normal person, inhabiting a world in which Epics rule. Though David is normal and powerless, he still rises up to defy the Epics.

Firefight continues some time after the events of Steelheart, and continues the story of the Reckoners defense of Newcago vs Epics.
David has become the public face of the Reckoners, who has fought off a number of Epics trying to take over Newcago in the powervacuum left after the defeat of Steelheart. After multiple attempts at Newcago, a trail of clues has led the Reckoners to believe that the source of the invading Epics, is the neighbouring kingdom Balibar, ruled by an evil Epic, with roots into the past of Prof, the leader of the Reckoners.


In an attempt to discover more about the why and how of the increasing attacks on Newcago, David and the rest of the Reckoner crew decide to travel towards Balibar, to find answers to their questions and suspicions.


Much like Steelheart, the language is simple, and so are the character interactions, but that is quite alright, as Firefight is a YA book. And as a YA book it succeeds very well. Firefight touches upon multiple themes, and as always, Brandon Sanderson creates a unique and interesting universe we get to explore alongside the protagonist.


Balibar is a city ruled by a powerful water Epic, and is described in detail reads much like a post apocalyptic Venice. It’s an exciting place to experience alongside David and the Reckoners.


Firefight explores the nature of Epics in depth, and we get hints about what Calamity is and how some people became Epics. Firefight is a great YA book, almost as good as Steelheart, and a fun, action packed ride for those of us who remain a child at heart.


The Reckoner series has a lot of “oh wow” moments. I like it a lot and will most definitely pick up the third book Calamity, sometime in 2016.

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