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Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi)

By / May 5, 2012 / no comments

Many of us do not have a lots of money to spend on luxury items. We have families, mortgages, are studying or saving up for a holiday or some sort. So it is important to shop around and take your time when deciding on buying things like electronics.









Many readers of this blog (and forums) love reading, whether it be in the format of ink and paper or e-ink and back lightning. Products like the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire have been a revolution when it comes to reading. They are portable, makes reading

cheaper and the ability to get books instantly (with Wi-fi connection) are a readers dream.

Now going back to the beginning, not every reader has lots of money to spend. We as consumers are always looking to get the most out of our dollar. So would an e-reader

that is the size of a kindle fire but has the ability to surf the web flawlessly, watch

Videos such as youtube, access email, sync emails with calender, multi-task faster and better appeal to you?

Samsung latest 7 inch tablet does all of the above. A lot of us are not tech geeks so I won’t bore you with too much of the technical details but provide you and why would you vs a why you won’t get this tablet.

All comparisons made are vs the Kindle Fire which retails at $199
Why you want this tablet

  • Runs the latest Android Operating System. Android 4.0 vs Android 2.3. This means it gets updated more and runs more smoothly and have more variety of apps
  • Has more RAM (1Ghz vs 0.5Ghz). Helps to run more games and multi-task more efficiently
  • Has expandable storage via external SD Card (can be purchased anywhere Amazon, Frys, Bestbuy etc). This is great because if you want you can use it to listen to more music and videos
  • Thinner 0.41 vs 0.45 and weighs less, 12 ounces vs 14.6 ounces (Doesn’t seem like much but lighter is better for prolonged periods
  • Has 3.0megapixel back camera and VGA front camera. Fire doesn’t have a camera
  • Full USB (host) vs microUSB

Why you don’t want this tablet

  • It costs $50 more
  • It does more so there is a slight learning curve
  • Thicker usually means sturdier but I haven’t tried to drop either

Seriously, if you can afford to pay the extra $50 I would. Obviously products that get released later the technology will be better (re: this article) but as a consumer you have to know this first of all. If you find reading on coloured screens a bother then I would get a reader with e-ink display, but those readers can’t do anything near what the Kindle Fire or Samsung Tab 2 can do.

Would love some feedback if you have the time.

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