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Review: Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein

By / September 29, 2014 / no comments

I’ve always wanted to read this book. I really enjoyed the movie (there were no other ones) and it’s been a long time since then that I’ve gotten my hands on a physical copy. Did you know you can’t get an e-copy of this book?

Just before I started writing review, I copied this snippet from our list of top science fiction books.

“For most, war is hell, but for Heinlein’s character Juan Rico, war is heaven — and for those reading the book too! This is one classic you should read. Bootcamp in space, high tech battle toys, bone-jarring battles, romance, and a critique on politics thrown in for good measure. Heinlein is on the top of his game in what is considered his finest novel. Read it! If you have seen the terrible movie adaption, forget it! The book is much, much better.”

What I can say is that the book and movie are pretty much different in every way. What’s the same? Rico, the Roughnecks, Bugs some other insignificant names.

Starship Troopers is a book written in first person, a sort of diary/memoirs. We start off with why Juan Rico wants to join the army. Both his best friends Carl and Carmen were enlisting and so he want to join them (against his father’s wishes). He thought that his grades would be enough to be a pilot (but pretty much only females become pilots), yet they pretty much weren’t good enough for anything, just the infantry.

What is really different about the book compared to the movie is I would say the division that Rico is in, the Mobile Infantry. What we see in the movie is what we would see in any army, infantry, people on the front line with guns and backpacks. Mobile Infantry while looked down on by every other military division are an entirely different beast all together. M.I are infantry in specialised mechnical suits, powered armour if you will. Think a suit that’s slightly larger than the body but with power beyond imagination and weapons of a MechWarrior (see picture). The only part that seemed to me to fit in with the movie, is the ending when they attempt to find either a queen or a brain bug.

While this book seems on the surface to be a book about war and killing bugs, it is like most sci-fi books written in its era, a philosophical analysis of the writers mind.

Starship Troopers has a lot of great elements going for it, action, good dialog, happiness and sadness and it feels real.

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