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Review: The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin

By / December 8, 2014 / no comments

Although The Ice Dragon is marketed as a children’s book, it isn’t. So don’t go out and buy it for your kids. It mentions the birthing process and might inspire some questions. It mentions the cold “creeping under the layers of blankets that covered the birthing bed” and that Adara “was icy to touch when she came forth”. It is also really depressing and no real happy ending, so there is that.

Story wise it is an awesome short little story. It is cold and dark and creepy and very, very Martin. The book has beautiful drawings and they really do add to the overall experience of really the book. It has small chapters and that is consistent with a children’s book even if the content and language isn’t.

If you just love Martin’s stuff and want to read everything you can get your hands on, buy it. If you were going to buy it for your kids, make sure you go to a bookstore and have a quick read. If you were going to buy in hopes it might ease your G.R.R Martin cravings, just re read one of the ASoIaF books or get your hands on the tales of Dunk and Egg (great short stories btw), that would be a better idea.

This is the older version

(Edit by Jon Snow) – The original publishing of this book was in 2007. The more recent addition of this reprint has different pictures. I would say that both have great illustrations but the newer additions are better suited to the book. However, art is really subjective! The newer one looks more badass, where the older one had a Neverending Story feel to it.

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