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Speculative Fiction Publishers and Authors: Publish Your Own Announcements on Best Fantasy Books

By / April 1, 2009 / no comments

I seem to be getting lots of press releases from authors and publishers these days. I’ve decided to cut my work load down a bit and allow publishers and established authors to just publish their own announcements themselves.

So, if you are a major fantasy/science fiction publisher (TOR, Harper Collins, DAW, etc), or an author published by a major publisher you can contact me and I’ll create a login for you, and you can log in and publish major announcements or press releases which will show up directly on the blog. I’ll have to verify you are who you say you are, however. I don’t want to give spammers the ability to publish crap.

The offer is only open to authors who have published with major publishers before, or established and well known publishers. This is to prevent the blog from being flooded with too many posts and press releases.

I’ll have to see whether there is any interest in this from authors and publishers and how it will work out. But for now, the offer is there.

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