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Tendrils of Darkness — Epilogue

Epilogue   With No Man’s Land finally behin...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 50: Final Confrontation

Final Confrontation   Years of sentinel train...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 49: Secrets Revealed

Secrets Revealed   Circling Copius, the owlbe...


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most anticipated fantasy books of 2016

50+ Most Anticipated Fantasy Books of 2016 (Updated)

by Jon Snow

Note: this has been updated as of August 2016 There’s a lot of fantasy books released every year — too much in fact to keep tabs on. But we give it our best attempt with this huge list of the most anticipated fantasy books of 2016. This comprehensive list is NOT a list of every […]

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Interview with Ben Aaronovitch

by Jon Snow

Author of the River of London series starring Peter Grant, Ben Aaronovitch answers questions such as: Does England colloquialism alienate American readers  In terms of research, Peter Grant’s background has  a mixed race background – have you done much digging into Sierra Leone immigrant culture? Where do you draw upon for the police procedural elements […]

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Upcoming Books in January 2015

by Ben

  Been a while since I’ve done one of these. Hopefully each month I can let you readers know some of the amazing books that are coming out. Most of these that I note are from the major publishers and what I know. I’ll also do a small list down below to state some other […]

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Most Anticipated Books of 2014

by Ben

2013 has been a blast, lots of great books and exciting reads. This list is not any any particular order but if you want a long story short then here are the reviewers #1 most anticipated read of 2014. Jon Snow: Words of Radiance Danica: Skin Game Laurentius: Skin Game Ben: The Doors of Stone […]

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Best Fantasy Reads of 2013

by Ben

It really doesn’t matter what you do with these kinds of lists, you can’t please everyone and that certainly isn’t our aim. A couple of readers thought our Worst list was terrible. One of them even though we were deliberately stirring the pot! Anyways, our Best list is massive…as it should be…hence our name! Take […]

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