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Tendrils of Darkness — Epilogue

Epilogue   With No Man’s Land finally behin...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 50: Final Confrontation

Final Confrontation   Years of sentinel train...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 49: Secrets Revealed

Secrets Revealed   Circling Copius, the owlbe...



Half an Interview

by Ben

I recently interviewed Joe Abercrombie, and it was totally awesome. I was crazy excited for weeks. I read both his AMA’s from top to bottom and read through pretty much all of his previous interviews to make sure I didn’t ask boring questions. I also read sooo many blogs about conducting an interview and even […]

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BFB Moderators Best of 2014

by Ben

Laurentius’s List Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson My favourite of 2014. WoR, like Way of Kings, is a huge monster of a book. I loved it nearly as much as I did Way of Kings. The continuation of the story of Kaladin Stormblessed is almost as good as the WoK. I have never been a […]

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