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Tendrils of Darkness — Epilogue

Epilogue   With No Man’s Land finally behin...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 50: Final Confrontation

Final Confrontation   Years of sentinel train...

Tendrils of Darkness — Chapter 49: Secrets Revealed

Secrets Revealed   Circling Copius, the owlbe...


Kindle Paperwhite

New Kindle Oasis

by Jon Snow

I love books. I love to touch them, to read them, to admire them from my bookshelf. When I got a kindle, I wasn’t so sure. But the more I used it, the more I appreciated it. I’m one of those people who now are happy to do both, but definitely still want to see […]

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Review: Kindle Paperwhite

by Ben

One of the big questions people ask themselves when they window shop for a Kindle/e-reader is what are the benefits over a traditional book. I kind of covered that in my article The bookstore is dead, long live digital!. Today, I’ll just be reviewing the Kindle Paperwhite, but to be really succinct here are some […]

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Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway Competition!

by Ben

To celebrate our re-launch of www.bestfantasybooks.com, we are giving away 2x Kindle Paperwhite! These kindles were only released three weeks ago and make reading a pleasure. Light weight, easy on the eyes and with massive battery life, it makes reading on the go a joy. How to Enter: It’s easy, just share our post! The […]

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