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robert stanek

Self Publishing, Lies, and Fake Amazon Reviews

by Ben

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I’ve noticed that “self publish” seems to be the new buzz word in digital town. It’s very hard to miss this fact when Amazon.com is trying very hard to push their whole digital self publish model. Every time I go to check out the latest cool Japanese dog toy gadgets on the Amazon marketplace, I’m […]

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Robert Stanek’s Keeper Martin’s Tale Book Review (The Worst Book in the World)

by Ben

Keeper Martin’s Tale — Officially the Worst Book I’ve Ever Read. A few posts ago, I talked about the Amazon Fake Reviews issue. One of the posterboy’s of this new author-writing-fake-review phenomenon is Robert Stanek. A while ago I wrote an actual review of his terrible book, Keeper Martin’s Tale. Stanek got Amazon to take […]

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Don’t Trust Amazon Reviews: They’re Fake

by Ben

So I thought I would address an issue that’s bothering me: Amazon (fake) reviews. Most people who are thinking about buying a book head off to Amazon to read the reviews. Many of you do this and put little thought to the validity and source of the reviews. There is a dark side to the […]

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