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The Hobbit

By / December 27, 2012 / no comments

“My boyfriend can attest to my girlish squeals of delight as we walked in to find our seats.” – Danica

I was one of those Aussies eagerly awaiting Boxing day for two reasons. Firstly, I would have opened my presents and eaten myself silly the previous day and secondly because as my little brother so nicely put it, it was “Happy Hobbit Day”. It’s safe to say I was excited. I have my collectors Hobbit tin and my boyfriend can attest to my girlish squeals of delight as we walked in to find our seats.

I loved Lord of The Rings, the movies that is, I haven’t read the books, and won’t ever (head over to the forums and ask me why if you really want to know). I own the collectors DVDs and I can no longer watch it because it’s so scratched up. I cry, every single time I watch Boromir die. I feel my heart racing when the epic music swells and we get yet another montage of travelling vast lands. I skip Frodo and Sam when they bore me and if that discounts me as a ‘true fan’ so be it.

I haven’t read The Hobbit, probably wont, so I’m using my little brother as a co-author of this post. Some additions to the movie that weren’t in the book, I LOVED. The kooky little wizard Ratagast and his awesome way of getting around was a welcome addition. The White Council, while mentioned in the book, made me dislike Saruman even more. Not to offend, but I don’t really see the point of getting uppity at Peter Jackson and his adaption. I feel as though the franchise is safe in his hands. It’s epic and beautiful, what I thought the books would be if I didn’t find them so boring.

Safe to say, I loved the movie. I was busting after drinking a litre of frozen coke and I couldn’t leave and despite the uncomfortable last half hour, I still loved it. It has beautiful cinematography, epic music, lovable and hateable characters. Everything you loved about the Lord of The Rings movies, it’s here in The Hobbit. I really enjoyed the introduction, I know some people complained it lasted for too long, but I found it interesting to meet all the dwarves. The scene was powerful, emotional and very informative; all 20 minutes of it. The flash of Frodo going off to meet Gandalf was a little bit of a spin out, I don’t think it was unnecessary. The cinematography was by far the stand out feature; I had New Zealand envy. Thorin was a bit of a cute bad arse, I’m 160 cm tall so it isn’t weird or anything 😛 That feeling that the movie could have ended five times, before it actually did, constant montage of the characters traversing vast lands, yea that’s in there too. Unfortunately everything you didn’t love about The Lord of the Rings, well, it’s in The Hobbit also.

There you go! Danica says it’s good, just go and watch it!! Or wait until the DVD comes out and we’ll have a get together and eat popcorn out of my massive popcorn tin ☺

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