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The Magic Thief Book Review

By / April 16, 2009 / no comments

Review of The Magic Theif by Sarah Prineas

There are many children’s fantasy books seeking to take the throne recently abandoned by JK Rowling. One of these contenders is Sarah Prineas who has written an entertaining juvenile fantasy series. Her first effort is The Magic Thief, first book in her new trilogy.

The story revolves around a young thief Conn who pickpockets a magician’s magic stone. Normally, touching this stone (called a locus magicalicus) has fatal consequences. But Conn proves resistant to its effects. This interests the magician and lands Conn a job as the magician’s servant.

This magician Nevery proves to be an interesting character. Like the ex-thief Conn, the wizard is a disreputable figure, having been accused of murdering the Duchess of Wellmet. Nevery fled from the city to avoid a hanging. Now, 20 years later, returns to the town to investigate why the magic that powers the area is disappearing.

The relationship between Conn and Nevery, while predictable, is an interesting dynamic with Nevery trying to avoid becoming attached to his new servant, while Conn strives to prove himself worthy of becoming an actual apprentice. Conn makes bountiful use of his less-reputable skills during the course of the book. I don’t want to go into more plot detail, but rest assured that there are adventures enough to keep every child entertained.

The book is very easy to read for youngsters. Adults looking for a more “adult” storytelling mode may find the quick, almost choppy sentences that tell the story like it’s a dream annoying, but remember, this is a book strictly for age’s 9-12 range, not for adults. But even an adult can experience a great deal of pleasure curling up in chair with the children and reading the book out loud.

I have the hardback version and it’s beautiful. The vivid, gorgeous cover art really add a lot to overall “feel” of the book. The pages are quality onion skin and each chapter has a picture of the scene – something that can make a big difference for kids.

Overall I was quite impressed with Sarah Prineas book. The Magic Thief is an entertaining novel that vividly brings to life everything that children love in a story. I look forward to the sequels, and if The Magic Thief is any indication, I am confident Sarah Prineas will deliver a solidly entertaining story for kids. I have the sequel to the book, so expect a follow up review of it.

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