Blood of Dragons
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First one of the year. I just didn’t feel there were any good books to advertise except for the two big obvious ones. Anyways, April has a few decent books.

Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb is the final book in the Rain Wild Chronicles. Many of us love the kingdom of The Six Duchies. Farseer, Liveship Traders and Tawny Man are among many of the forum readers favourite series. These books are character driven which make you fall in love with the books. For those of you who haven’t read the previous books, you don’t need to but there are references you’ll miss. This series is about how Dragons disappeared from The Six Duchies.

The Silver Dream is the sequel to Interworld, a science fiction book by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. Targeted as a YA book, it would be a great introduction to Neil Gaiman if any teens haven’t read him before. Interworld is about Joey who discovers that there are many alternate Earth’s, some ruled by magic and some ruled by science but all are at war.

The City by Stella Gemmell is her first solo authored book. She helped finish writing the Troy Trilogy when her husband David Gemmell died of cancer in 2006. Troy is David’s best work (yes, better than Legend) and is in my opinion the most underrated series in fantasy. The City is about a war torn civilisation which has left most of the land desolate. Now many years after, a rebel group thinks the only way to begin rebuilding their once great city, is to kill the emperor who has curiously lived for a very long time.

The story lines feels very eerily like Mistborn, but I can safely assume this type of story line is not new. I have high hopes for The City as Stella did wrap up the third book really well.

Guy Gavriel Kay is someone who polarizes people. Often comments are, “he’s so boring, I couldn’t finish the book” or “he’s my favourite author, best stand-alone ever.” What I do know is that he sells books and he does so because he writes well. Tigana is rated as the #1 Stand-alone book by Ben.

River of stars is set in the Song Dynasty (China), in a time where women are still inferior, GGK sets out to empower them. Lin Shan enters court because she has won the favour of the emperor with her intelligence, but the bitter women at court are threatened.

Ren Daiyan, still merely a boy has a life changing experience when he kills 7 men while protecting an imperial magistrate but somehow has to flee and live life as an outlaw. Now years later, his life begins head towards the court again.

If you have read the Twilight Reign series by Tom Lloyd and enjoyed it, this is perhaps a must get for you. This volume is 11 short stories that help to shape more of the world. If you haven’t read this series or heard of Lloyd before then you have a new series on your TBR pile. Nothing earth shattering here but a good solid read and shock horror…a completed series of 5 books.

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  • Shaad Zaman

    Don’y you mean march? Also isnt Tyrant’s Law by Daniel Abraham coming out in march? Is that not a book people are looking forward too?

    • Jon Snow

      No, I meant April. I always notify what’s coming up the next month rather than the current month. So you can look forward to it =)

      I didn’t do a March one because I was slack, and yes Tyrant’s Law is a book people are looking forward to. A while back we posted a 2013 most anticipated books.

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