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Upcoming Books in October

By / August 31, 2012 / no comments

Probably not as exciting as September but there are still definitely a few books worth mentioning. If you have any recommendations, please be sure to let me know at [email protected]

I’m going to start with the book I’ve been waiting all year for:

Red Country by Joe Abercrombie is probably the most anticipated book this year (you could probably argue Memory of Light but that’s unlikely to come out this year). Abercrombie crashed onto the scene with the first of his (The First Law) trilogy, the dark and witty, The Blade Itself. His stories are very character driven making you either love or hate them. For sure the forum members of this site love Abercrombie and his subsequent books Best Served Cold and The Heroes. In fact, one of my favourite books of all time is Before They Are Hanged, the second book of the First Law Trilogy. I pre-ordered this book months ago.








A Blink of the Screen by Terry Prachett is his second book in as many months. The difference is this book is a collection of short fiction from throughout his writing career. Many authors have lots of books like this. George R.R. Martin is very pro short stories. He recommends that every author should start with writing short stories as they help you progress to larger works. The benefit for those that love Prachett is you’ll get to see the kind of progress he makes as a writer. For those of you who haven’t read any works from him. You’ll get to know his sense of writing without having to commit yourself to a whole novel.








Dark Currents: Agent of Hel is the newest book by Jacqueline Carey. Made famous by her Kushiel’s Legacy series, she is probably a very underrated writer in the world of fantasy. Her books are gritty and she writes her stories in which you don’t think a female author would write. I’ve stated before if you haven’t read many female authors you should give them a try. They bring a whole new dimension to the fantasy world.












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