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Upcoming Books in September

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Someone reminded me how slack I was, so here is a short version. A couple of decent ones. I’ll promise to make a more in depth one for the following month!

Steelheart by Sanderson is his THIRD book out this year, following A Memory of Light and The Rithmatist.

The Rithmatist was a good read and very enjoyable (review soon!).

Steelheart is about a group of super humans called Epics. However, in this world the Epics are the oppressors. A small group of rebels calling themselves Reckoners plan to end their oppression. Yet, how can vanilla humans compete against Epics?

Tad Williams seems to be writing quite a few books of late. Hmmm seems like a lot of authors are doing this except a couple.

Happy Hour in Hell is about an Angel called Doloriel goes into hell to get his girlfriend. She is being held captive by demons. The twist? Doloriel’s girlfriend is also a demon.

Another book by Gaiman this year, however, this one is a children’s book. It does seem like he is focusing a lot of his energy into this area.

By his own words he’s said of Fortunately, The Milk

“The silliest, strangest and most ridiculous book I have ever written and I’m dead proud of it.”

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