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Upcoming Fantasy Books in April

By / March 19, 2016 / no comments

Here’s a selection of the top fantasy books being released this month (April). Some good reads you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on. For us. we are looking forward to The Malice as one of the most anticipated fantasy books of 2016.




Burned (Alex Verus #7) by Benedict Jacka


April 5th

The more I read this series, the more I compare it to The Dresden Files. A darker vision of The Dresden Files with a higher body count, but, the closest you will find to The Dresden Files in theme and content.

While this series probably isn’t in everyone’s TBR pile, I do think that if you want something fun to read in the Urban detective/wizard sphere, then this book has many of those elements every Dresden Fan loves. With book 7, the world is getting more complex, which bodes well for us who have continued the series.

Ben prefers Alex Verus more these days, but I am beginning to feel they are two sides of the same coin. Each different in their own ways. Dresden is much funnier.


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The Malice (The Vagrant #2) by Peter Newman  


April 14th

The Vagrant was one of my favorite books of last year, I am just gagging to see where the sequel, The Malice, leads to next. The last book’s ending doesn’t tell us too much and so there isn’t much of an expectation story wise for the new book except that I want it to be just as awesome.

The Vagrant was a book that definitely polarized our forum community but both Ben and I loved ‘The Vagrant’ and it took our pick for the Best 2015 Fantasy Debut. And the book impressed a lot of other bloggers and critics as well. This one should be on your top anticipated list — and if it’s not, it’s because you haven’t yet read The Vagrant!


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Fall of Light (The Kharkanas Trilogy #2) by Steven Erikson


April 19th 

This is the second book in Erikson’s new trilogy, which is set hundreds of thousands of years before the Mazalan series. It’s an overwhelming success with fans finding everything that made the first series, great here, minus the pacing issues that the Mazalan books suffered from (this being a trilogy). I personally would rather read something completely new from Erikson — events after the Mazalan or a brand new epic fantasy world, but short of that, this is the best you are going to get from Erikson.

As for the books, you either like Erikson and consider him the greatest thing since sliced bread, or you dislike his works. But either way, he is a powerful presence in the fantasy genre.


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Sharp Ends (First Law world) by Joe Abercrombie


April 26th

Many people just can’t get enough of Joe Abercrombie. Fans will be excited that we are back in the First Law world, but might be a bit bummed that this is a collection of short stories rather than a novel. Some stories were published in previous anthologies while there will be some new material as well. As for me, they are all new, so….super excited!



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Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt 


April 26th 

This author was nominated for the World Fantasy Award twice and the first Hugo Award ever given to a work of translated fiction. Needless to say, the author’s got some skills. This book looks to be a blend of horror and dark fantasy — a spine chilling fairy tale in the vein something Neil Gaiman or Robert Jackson would craft.







Other notables in April

The Days of Tao by Wesley Chu
The Tale of Shikanoko, Vol. 1: Emperor of the Eight Islands by Lian Hearn
In the Labyrinthine of Drakes by Marie Brennan
A Shadow all of Light by Fred Chappell 

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