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Why I have to pay $21 for a Kindle Book

By / December 28, 2012 / no comments

Australia sucks was my first response. I wanted to buy Cold Days by Jim Butcher, but it would cost me $21; but the more I googled it, the more it seems that Apple sucks. For those of you who don’t know, care,  or live outside the US, Apple and a few select publishers are in big trouble.

The general gist is that Apple allegedly colluded with some publishers to start “publisher pricing”, which means the publisher sets the prices and anybody who sells the book, has to go with it. Hachette, Livre, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin and Macmillan are the publishers rumoured to have been the ones Apple went after to gain a hand hold in the clearly profitable market of ebooks.

The whole thing stinks to me and it did to other people also. Apple is going to trial in June 2013. Macmillan and Penguin will stand alongside Apple and contest the allegations, the other three publishers settled out of court. It is also interesting to note, that the three publishers that settled are offering refunds on books purchased through amazon. So if you the live in the US (Grr) you can expect to receive a credit of 0.30 to $1.32 (I know right? Pathetic) for every eligible Kindle book that you purchased between April 2010 and May 2012.

Other readers have noticed an incredible spike in pricing in the last few months. I have never in my time whilst owning a Kindle saw Kindle books above $15 and that was the max price for a newly released book. As the title documents Cold Days is $21 USD on Kindle and for me and it’s cheaper just to buy the hardcover (not including postage). This is NOT why I bought a Kindle. It makes my heart pound and my ears roar with tangible evidence of my rage. To top that off, Jon Snow gets his digital copy for $9.99 USD. HOW IS THAT EVEN FAIR? HOW IS THAT EVEN LEGAL? To make matters more interesting, Cold Days is published by ROC, not a publishing company involved in the Apple price fixing scandal. What’s up with that?

It’s not just Australia, poor Canadians are coping it too. The angry words and frustration can be read on every line over on the Amazon forums. One particular customer by the name of Dr. Heinz J. Gunter actually decided to call out Amazon on the issue. “I called amazon the other day and of course was told it is not their fault and I should email the author and publisher about the higher prices.”

I don’t know what to do, I’m holding off buying digital copies, I can’t afford them now. I can’t buy hard copies, I don’t have to space for them and frankly I can’t really afford to keep buying them either. It leaves me a adrift and really, really angry at all the publishers and companies denying me the ability to read my books and the unfairness of different pricing across countries, this only hurts the consumers. 🙁

I really wanted to know what Mab wanted Dresden to do too.


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