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World War Z: The Book and Movie Comparison

By / June 29, 2013 / no comments

I’m writing this after 10 minutes after watching the movie so things are fresh in my mind. This comparison is trying to encourage you to read the book. The movie was very good but I don’t even know why they bothered calling it World War Z; could have called it anything zombie related and it would have been fine.

What I liked about the movie:
It explains the zombies straight away. I like this because as an avid book reader I hate deus ex machina. I like to know what to expect. As with all fantasy, I buy into the author’s world but even the author has to stick to his/her own rules.

Brad Pitt was really good. He’s believable and although he is the protagonist, you feel the danger he is in. I don’t think he ever over plays his part.

The film moves at a fast pace and there really isn’t any lull points. There are a few comedic bits as well even though it is a pseudo-horror film.

What I disliked about the movie (essentially the only reason I dislike it is because they called it WWZ which makes me compare it with the book and there is little comparison):
It’s from one perspective. The book was written as an interview of multiple people from different countries, starting from before infection to after WWZ.

It moves away from the “human spirit.” The book identifies plans governments have and how it needs to survive. It doesn’t detail how people try to help each other and how organizations work together; how the government rebuilds.

None of the good bits (or really any bits) were in the movie (subjective to my opinion of course). This is probably due to the fact that the movie zombies are fast zombies.

There is no end of the world feel. Yes they mention it but because we follow Pitt and his quest to find the source of the outbreak we skip over those details.

The Book
If you want a more detailed review why you should read it (or listen to it) then check out my review here. The movie and the book really are different beasts and you get SO much more from the book. You get to read about human struggle, the depths of hell, the rise of the fallen (both undead and living) and the fight back of human kind.

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