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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Comments

What would happen if you locked Tolkien, Dickens, and Jane Austen in a room? Why, Susanna Clark's masterpiece Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell of course! Like the Victorian era the book is situated in, the story ambles along at a sedate pace. But what starts out as a jolly stroll down Oxford Street transforms into the darkly disturbing decent into the madness of two magicians. Fabulously written, dark, fully of mystery and wonder, Susanna Clark's masterpiece is owed a read by every fantasy fan. A complete reimagining of English history, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is the story of two English magicians in a world where magic exists only in the annals of English history. It starts slow but keep reading--the tale soon envelopes you. It's a different sort of read then the Robert Jordan type of fantasy, but it's a refreshing addition to the fantasy genre. You can't always eat the same meal every day right? Why not try something different? If you are in for something new that's very tasty, give Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell a shot.