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Mythago Wood Comments

Ryhope Wood, England's last primeval forest, is a place with a secret, a secret so powerful that one man's life will forever be changed. Steve Huxley, unaware of the consequences, is drawn into the strange reality of Ryhope Wood when he falls in love with Guiwenneth of the Greenwoodas, the latest incarnation of a woman spawned from ancient myths -- a woman loved by both his dead father and mad brother. But when Guiwenneth is kidnapped, Huxley will leave behind the trapping of civilization and confront the savagery of a land untouched by modern man: a dark journey into the very heart of myth and legend that may drive him to the very edge of insanity...

An astounding journey into a strange other world, a world where tribes from different ages coexist, given life by the power of ancient myth and legends. In Ryhope Wood, mythical archetypes of primitive man come to life. For a fascinating Fantasy that's truly unique in the genre and a rattling good story, pick up a copy of Mythago Wood. I encourage you to give this novel a read; this novel demonstrates that there are other fantastic Fantasy subgenres out there other then the standard epic fantasy.


Mythago Cycle