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Tigana Comments

Tigana, once shining beacon of hope to a shattered world, now a land no one can remember. To revive the memory of their beleaguered land and free a world enslaved by a sorcerer tyrant, a musician and his compatriots will embark on an impossible quest...

A novel of adventure, love, and betrayal, Tigana is an emotional masterpiece that delves deeply into the human soul. A masterpiece of fiction, Tigana has transcended the fantasy genre to become a work of literature. If you are looking for a multi-series epic fantasy, look elsewhere. But anyone who enjoys unconventional fantasy with a cast of ambiguous characters and a haunting story will enjoy this novel immensely. This book will literally wrench tears from even the most jaded. In a world where the waistline of Fantasy books is ever expanding, Tigana proves that you can write a compelling fantasy story in a single book.