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Our Contact Info is always on the lookout for great fantasy and science fiction books to review. Exceptional books may even make the top recommendation lists.

If you wish to contact, please see our contact guide below:

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Get pulled into the world of Av'lor and fly with Sir Lanclor to defend the portal to Earth. Armor is optional.

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Want to talk fantasy? Visit our awesome fantasy forum to find out what's what in the fantasy world and to meet other cool fantasy lovers. is the #1 fantasy book website on the web and draws thousands and thousands of laser-targeted fantasy book readers each month. As such, there are many unique advertising opportunities available to you.

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If you would like to read and review a book or facilitate a book giveaway contest on the blog, email details to [email protected] and we will contact you straight back with the necessary shipping details IF we decide to review the book.

Keep in mind our reviewers are generally swamped with offers from the major publishers to review all manner of science fiction and fantays books, so we don't accept all books for review.

NOTE: We can only review books by major publishers (i.e. your books must be available in local bookstores). No self-published/independent press books reviewed, sorry. We don't have the time or manpower.


Due to serious time constraints, we are not able to review self-published or vanity press books. So please don't email asking for a review -- we don't have the man-power.

You may try visiting the fantasy forum and requesting one of the forum members to read and review it, however. If the press is good, it could be one

If you wish to seek a staff member to review it, we will charge for the time spent (note, we write negative reviews if the book isn't up to snuff, so keep this in mind. We never ever guarantee positive reviews) and will make a note of it on the review.

Contact [email protected]