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Erotic Fantasy

What is Erotic Fantasy?

The Erotic Fantasy sub-genre, as the name suggests, contains strong sexual elements. The overall story of an Erotic Fantasy book are often consistent with more conventional Fantasy books, but the content is much more graphic. Erotic Fantasy is not so much defined by its story as by its scenes—which include numerous and rather detailed sex scenes.

There are some "erotic" fantasy which are thinly veiled porn novels, however -- so while some erotic fantasy novels are simply fantasy books with more graphic sex scenes (with an emphasis on sexual encounters), other erotic fantasy books firmly embrace the erotic side of things and elements like plot, characters, and story take a decidedly back seat to the sexual elements.

Erotic Fantasy Characteristics

  • Level of Magic

    Variable. Some Erotic Fantasy stories can be relatively flat, but others have the depth to explore ideas, frequently those related to sex and relationships.

  • Level of Grand Ideas and Social Implications


  • Level of Characterization

    Moderate. Characters tend to be the focus of Erotic Fantasy stories since they are necessary to having all those racy sexy scenes.

  • Level of Plot Complexity

    Low-moderate. Depending on the story, and the author's focus, Erotic Fantasy stories tend to focus more on sensory details and atmosphere than on the intricacies of plot.

  • Level of Violence

    Variable. Erotic Fantasy stories are graphic stories, so while not all of them are violent, those that are, are graphically violent.

Related Fantasy Subgenres




    Any. Just about any other sub-genre can cross with Erotic Fantasy—it just needs to include some sexy bits.

Erotic Fantasy Isn’t For You If...

If the sexy bits make you uncomfortable and/or you want a fantasy novel that's takes the plot and characters seriously.

Popular Erotic Fantasy Books
  • 1 Kushiel's Dart

    By Jacqueline Carey. The first novel in a six-part series, this is an epic tale that features a female protagonist who is both spy and courtesan. She has been chosen to experience pain and pleasure as one.

  • 2 Centuries Ago and Very Fast

    By Rebecca Ore. A series of stories that are linked by a time jumping, gay immortal. The stories span centuries and feature many lovers.

  • 3 The Last Werewolf

    By Glen Duncan. The sexy story of the last werewolf

  • 4 The Iron Dragon's Daughter

    By Michael Swanwick. A young girl escapes a factory that makes iron dragons and embarks on a journey of rebellion. The protagonist is a strong female character, she's angry and she tries to enjoy herself in a dark world (i.e. sex).

  • 5 Palimpsest

    By Catherynne Valente. Palimpsest is a rich and intoxicating world that only a select few are able to reach. It is a dreamy world and the map is attained by having an orgasmic experience.

  • 6 The Unlimited Dream Company

    By J.G. Ballard. A surreal story about death and transformation, about freedom and escape, and quite a bit of mating. Told by an unreliable narrator who just may be insane and who becomes a kind of pagan-like god.

  • 7 Anita Blake

    By Laurell K. Hamilton. This series follows the exploits of Anita Blake, a vampire hunter and raiser of zombies; it is a mix of fantasy, horror, and mystery genres. As the series develops the sexual themes become increasingly prominent.

  • 8 The Sleeping Beauty

    By A.N. Roquelaure. A trilogy actually written by Anne Rice using a pen name that very loosely follows the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. It takes places in a medieval fantasy world and explicitly describes the sexual adventures of Beauty as well as other male characters.

  • 9 Black Dagger Brotherhood

    By J.R. Ward. A series about a group of vampires who defend their race and live in a highly sensual world. A character driven series that has won some awards and hearts.

  • 10 Bound

    By Sophie Oak. The first novel in this series begins with an ordinary woman being kidnapped and taken to a magical and fantastical world to be bonded with twin brothers who share a soul