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Finding Your Next Read

Guide on using our site to find the best books...

The fantasy genre has become popular the past few years. Once a genre restricted to a few Tolkien fanatics and literature freaks, Fantasy has now gone mainstream in a big way, from the mega-popular Harry Potter series capturing the world's attention for a decade, to this recent Twilight craze, to a host of other popular fantasy books, games, and movies that have been popping up the past few years. The most recent craze is the new Game of Thrones mini series produced by HBO.

If you are looking to find good fantasy books, it can be downright painful. There are plenty of good fantasy reads, but because of fantasy's current popularity, the genre has become clogged with mediocre book after mediocre book and hack writer after hack writer churning out pure drivel. Most of the speculative fiction novels you see in the book store are terrible. To help people find those good fantasy gems, I've put together the Internet's most comprehensive (I'm not exaggerating here) best fantasy book recommendation lists.

I've been reading fantasy books for 23 years and there's not much that I haven't read (well there is, but I've read MOST of the stuff that should be read and a lot of the crap that shouldn't be read, especially in the 2015 day of self publishing where there's a lot of dreck out there now).

While I agree that some of my favorites may not be your favorites (people have different tastes in fantasy literature), many of the books listed on these lists are recommended by a wide number of readers (not just me!).

I encourage you to read a wide selection of the books on the TOP Lists -- you may find that your fantasy literary tastes, if you are used to Terry Goodkind, David Eddings, and Terry Brooks, may drastically evolve. You can see the full fantasy and science fiction lists on the left hand navigation bar.

I recommend you start with our core lists if you're looking for a place to start your journey into the world of awesome fantasy.

If you want to see the best of the best in the fantasy genre, then start off with the Top 25 Best Fantasy Book list.

Then check out our Top 100 Fantasy Books list which continues on from 26 and ends at 100. You should have PLENTY to keep you busy between our Top 25 and our Top 100.

For a pick of the 'best' from each genre of fantasy, look at our alterantive way of finding your next read with our new Best of the Fantasy Genre list.

You might also want to look at the Best Fantasy Series list for our guide to fantasy books that are in a series (which is most of the books out there right now).

If you want EPIC fantasy, look at our Top Best Epic Fantasy Books.

Tired of reading through series after series? Well, look at our Top 50 Best Stand Alone Fantasy Books. It's our list of the best short and sweet fantasy contained in a single book.

But hey, if you still want MORE, you may also want to check out the Great Fantasy Books List to see books that almost made the Top 25 and are all MUST reads for any fantasy book lover.

If you're STILL looking for more recommended fantasy reads, look at the Good Fantasy Books list.

And if that's not enough, look at our specialty fantasy lists. We have categorical lists like the Most Influential Fantasy, Best Fantasy Since 2010, Best Fantasy of 2014, Best Tolkien Clones, etc.

Since we are putting ourselves out there telling you what the best fantasy books are, we also have a controversial list stating what we think the worst fantasy books in the genre are too. If you have a thick skin and a sense of humor, check out our Worst Fantasy Books.


If you are looking for specific subgenre fantasy recommendations look at our 'Best Subgenre Lists'. We don't have comprehensive best lists for all the various 60 or so subgenres, but we have lists for some of the more popular fantasy subgenres such as:

Top 50 Best Epic Fantasy (updated!)

Best Grimdark

Best Military Fantasy

Best Urban Fantasy

Best Steampunk

Best Sword and Sorcery

Best Literary Fantasy

Best Romantic Fantasy

(see our LEFT sidebar for the full list)

Do also check out our SUBGENRE pages, which explain exactly what each subgenre is, what defines it, and our list of the more popular books in that genre and a crowd ranked version of a genre list. These subgenre pages should be your go-to source for specific subgenre recommendations IF we do not yet have 'Best List' for it.


We've written a few specialized 'guides.' These are kind of primers of types of fantasy and not really a single ranked list.

If you are brand, spanking new to the genre and want a primer to fantasy, start out with the Beginner's Fantasy Books.

You can check out our general Guide to Fantasy Subgenres list. It's a pretty comprehensive look at the various subgenres and what define them. We are currently drastically updating this section.

If you like the Twilight books or these count as your favorite fantasy books, check out the Vampire Books section with all the paranormal/vampire fantasy book recommendations you could want.


We mostly recommend books on this site, however, we have a few specialized lists recommending the best fantasy movies, games, and anime. We even cover science fiction here. Expect some Best Anime Series lists soon as well.


There's a lot of science fiction books, but not all of it's worth reading. These days, science fiction has taken a back bench to fantasy. But just because every movie and book you see in the news today a fantasy book, doesn't mean science fiction is dead. There are MANY fantastic classic science fiction novels that any lover of speculative fiction should read. There are also some very good science fiction authors still writing great science fiction. This section is dedicated to helping you find the best science fiction novels out there.

Be sure to check out the sister site, The site does exactly what does, but just with science fiction. We are still developing the site, but expect some good things coming to that site over 2015. Start over there with The Top 25 Best Science Fiction Books Ever


Check out our Fantasy Authors page for a list of the top fantasy authors, short biography descriptions, and some of their most popular books.


Basically, The Fantasy Listiverse is there to help bring more recommendations your way -- this time, utilizing the power of your fellow fantasy readers to help bring the best recommendations to you. Don't like our lists? No problem, see what the crowd has voted and ranked the items on that list as. A list missing your favorite book? Not a problem -- simply add that book the the list and have it voted on by the public.

This is a crowd-powered recommendation section of the site -- the backbone of all our public ratings. Any book on our lists (and more) can be found on our listiverse section. You can find the crowd-voted rankings for all of our lists, read user submitted best lists, or even submit your own list to be ranked by the public (or not, it's up to you). You can look up books, see what reviews people have left, check out if a book is part of a series and how many books are in that series, and what other people who liked that book also like. You can also check out any awards an author or book has won, the dates of that award, and any other award nominations.

You can view list pages, book entry pages, author pages, series pages, and fellow listiverse reader pages.

We are doing some major work on this section over 2015 to update the interface so it's modern and clean, add new features, and make the Listiverse more accessible and user friendly. Our goal is to make it something like the GoodReads of fantasy.


We've spent about a year (2014) redeveloping our entire site to make it prettier, more user friendly, and with more integrated crowd-powered features.

Reader Similar Recommendations Section for List Items

Every one of our lists has a User Similar Recommendations section where anyone can recommend SIMILAR books to an item on the list. Your recommendation will be stored in our database and shown every time that book is displayed somewhere else on the site. If a book is not on the similar recommendations list, you can easily add a new one or if it already exists, you can write your own recommendation that will appear. The more recommendations a book has, the higher it will rank on the 'similar list.' It's our hope this makes it very easy for visitors to find books similar to books they like.

Listiverse Integration for List Items

Every list item shows various crowed ranking information about it in the listiverse section below. Series info, author info, awards that book has won, crowd votes (across all lists) for that book, and any Master Lists or Reader Submitted lists that book appears on.

This is an easy way to see WHAT other people think about that book -- not just us, the creators of


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