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  1. Jonathan Bowerman
    Jonathan Bowerman
  2. S.W. Wilcox
    S.W. Wilcox
    "It's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?"
  3. Broke Guys Productions
    Broke Guys Productions
    Editing, editing, editing...
  4. Mark Seldek
    Mark Seldek
    fantasy for ever!
  5. Bierschneeman
    Ask me about hot dogs
  6. Bierschneeman
  7. Vasher
    Vasher SaranderBrander
    Can't say I get your whole parody novel thing, but that profile picture makes me laugh every time I see it.
  8. Tanniel
    One chronicle down, 3 to go.
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  9. SaranderBrander
    Always hungry, always vapid, like a shark, no, a Smurf.
  10. Brandon Stubbs
    Brandon Stubbs
  11. Brandon Stubbs
    Brandon Stubbs
    Brandon - archaeologist, trumpeter, writer
  12. Noob
    How do I make an avatar?
    1. Silvion Night
      Silvion Night
      You need to click on your avatar (the question mark) on your profile page. However, you first need a number of posts before you can change your avatar. Not sure how many though (I believe about 5).
      Mar 1, 2017
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  13. GiovanniDeFeo
  14. Jonathan Bowerman
    Jonathan Bowerman
    ISO: Artists! Experienced...Not Experienced...whatever! Contact me...let us see where it goes!
  15. Jonathan Bowerman
    Jonathan Bowerman
    Facebook Page : The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves
  16. pdfoku
    ım happy
  17. Silvion Night
    Silvion Night
    Getting reacquainted with Vykers.
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  18. Jon Snow
    Jon Snow
    Nothing to read. Worst. Problem. Ever.
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    2. Silvion Night
      Silvion Night
      Yup, book 4. :) The Abject God!
      Jan 23, 2017
    3. Jon Snow
      Jon Snow
      Oh right. I haven't even read book 1 haha.
      Jan 23, 2017
    4. Silvion Night
      Silvion Night
      It's a nice, quick read if you ask me. Very refreshing when compared to the heavier tomes you tend to come across these days.
      Jan 23, 2017
  19. Sirl19
    So many great books to read, and so many dreadful exams to keep me away from them
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    2. Diziet Sma
      Diziet Sma
      ¡Ánimo! ;)
      Jan 14, 2017
  20. Lady Arw
    Lady Arw
    Are you inzane like me?
    1. TomTB
      Hell yeah!
      Jan 25, 2017