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  1. Storm_of_Thieves
  2. Max Kahl Author
    Max Kahl Author
    Max Kahl-Author of The King of Eiselorn
  3. Tanniel
    3 chronicles down, one to go.
  4. R.E.M. Verberg
    R.E.M. Verberg ABatch
    Hi! I saw on the chat that you're an author. Do you have a website or books that I can check out? Maybe I'm missing a link on your profile or something.
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    2. ABatch
    3. ABatch
      Thanks for asking. And the first book is still free today (ends tomorrow).
      Sep 8, 2017
  5. wesley b
    wesley b
    I love reading books. Currently i am reading RAW DOG SECRETS & DREADLOCKS romance book written by Vee Boi Baby.
  6. R.E.M. Verberg
    R.E.M. Verberg
    Just started The Way Of Kings part 1!
  7. R.E.M. Verberg
    R.E.M. Verberg
    Painful dental surgery is painful
  8. schmidtcooper
    Tank girls are the best girls.
  9. S. K. Inkslinger
    S. K. Inkslinger
    Continually planning on my new short stories!
  10. S. K. Inkslinger
    S. K. Inkslinger
    My first novella is coming out at the end of this month! Excited!
  11. jo zebedee
    jo zebedee
    3 days to new release! Excitement !
  12. The Vagrant
    The Vagrant
    What's a Darkfriend, eh?
    1. TomTB
      Wheel of Time. Look it up :-)
      Jul 7, 2017
    2. The Vagrant
      The Vagrant
      Damn, I've actually read them through to circa 9, where's my damn referenceology when I need it!
      Jul 9, 2017
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  13. StumptownDave
    Almost a year since a status update wth? Life is wonderful, I have been busy with my political activism. I need to read more!
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  14. Jonathan Bowerman
    Jonathan Bowerman
  15. S.W. Wilcox
    S.W. Wilcox
    "It's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?"
  16. Broke Guys Productions
    Broke Guys Productions
    Editing, editing, editing...
  17. Mark Seldek
    Mark Seldek
    fantasy for ever!
  18. Bierschneeman
    Ask me about hot dogs
  19. Bierschneeman
  20. Vasher
    Vasher SaranderBrander
    Can't say I get your whole parody novel thing, but that profile picture makes me laugh every time I see it.