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    CLOSED: Win A Kindle Paperwhite!

    Just ended spree #1 for contest entry with the requisite email. \m/ @Andy, I'm sure given the insane success the new Kindle's going to be, Amazon will be rushing to stock up again. The waiting queue's shouldn't be that much of an issue. Then again, the old keyboard Kindle might be attempting a...
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    CLOSED: Win A Kindle Paperwhite!

    Thanks for the details. P.S. There is no luck involved with magic :geek:
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    BFB Twitter and Facebook accounts

    Time to fire up a goodreads group as well?
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    Your suggestions for the Top 25 Fantasy Books List

    While Potter did shape a lot of my childhood reading (The only "fantasy" I'd read before that was The Hobbit. I'd kind of not liked Narnia, at all.) and opened me up to more than Blyton/Christie/Dahl, I'd still be loathe to put the series on my top 25 list. Probably because it got wildly...
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    CLOSED: Win A Kindle Paperwhite!

    Quick question: The eventual winners (international), do they send the shipping costs to BFB or whoever's doing the shipping?
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    CLOSED: Win A Kindle Paperwhite!

    Excellent giveaway! (lured me from work onto these forums :p) Looking forward to winning... Time to fire up my voodoo... :D