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    Books like American Gods?

    Hello: I just finished American Gods, and enjoyed it immensely. I followed up this novel with "The Monarch in the Glen," which is a novella featuring the character Shadow. First, are there any more stories from the American Gods world? Next, I realized while reading this book, that my tastes...
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    Best Science Fiction books (add your suggestions)

    The Hyperion Cantos, by Dan Simmons. Epic in scope, extremely well-written, and a joy for those of us who love "high" literature (but aren't too snooty to love Fantasy and SciFi), as Simmons references several classic works--for example, the very structure of the first novel in the series...
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    Any fantasy books that you consider "literature"?

    Try Winter's Tale, by Mark Helprin. A "fantasy" that takes place in New York. Not high fantasy by any fact, this book is difficult to pin down. I found it beautifully written and very magical--I read it years ago, and return to it every few years or so. As I mentioned, the...
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    Cool Site / A Couple of Comments on the Fantasy List

    btkong: Thank you very much for the recommendations! Cheers
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    Cool Site / A Couple of Comments on the Fantasy List

    Great site! As I don't have much time to spend looking for new books and authors, I find this site most helpful! So thanks to the author of this page--he/she has given me a lot to look forward to, reading-wise. A couple of comments on the Fantasy List: 1. I expect to get a lot of flack for...