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    What SF are you reading in May?

    More of a 2015 than may - I finished the gentleman thief series (not to be confused with gentleman bastards by scott lynch). The author is Hannu Rajaniemi and story is set in a post human world. Ultra complex world setting - reminds me of Hyperion. It took me halfway to the first book to...
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    do Discworld books have to be read in order?

    Just have a look for the library. I know you have a lot of books, but you will be surprised. Also, library these days offer apps to borrow & read ebooks and audio books - so after registering you can go rarely, if ever.
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    The book you don't like that most everyone else seems to like ...

    Outside of ender's game, anything that orson Scott card has written which I've read. His mithermages series went downhill so fast after the first book, that I had to leave book 2 incomplete. Completely shitlisted now!
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    Hugo Awards and Sad Puppies

    I read some really great books, and later found them to be Hugo winners. All the awards do is recognise quality. Some books maybe more of a taste to one set of people and others to some else.
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    Golden Son - Pierce Brown

    Not a fan of the red rising series due to the strong communist undertones... Eg sickle and hammer... The "red" etc.
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    Providence of Fire - Brian Staveley

    I rate it 7.5 Book 1 was a solid 7. Lots of interesting new concepts.. So it is building towards the next book.
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    Most obnoxious/irritating fantasy character

    Kvothe Denna Everyone from eragon series Everyone from WoT
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    End of an era.

    Sorry to see him go. Loved his books. Read the entire discworld series, which is brilliant. It's a shame he went to alzeihmer.. He was such a unique writer... With so much humor in his writing.
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    Looking for a good hard scifi book to read :)

    Greg Mandell series by Peter F Hamilton. My reading is that you like Sci Fi not hard hard Sci Fi like Hyperion. Hence Peter F Hamilton is a little bit between mid Sci Fi and hard hard Sci Fi like Hyperion or the quantum thief. Edit: Not military sci fi - but more a sci fi detective series..
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    Question for people who read audiobooks

    @Alucard I just find the idea of the reading challenge absurd. Reading should be for joy, not some library length measuring contest. I read 1-2 books a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. There is no comp.
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    Question for people who read audiobooks

    I listen to audiobooks, and I wouldn't listen to a high pitched narrator. Why people would do that willingly, is beyond me. Maybe they follow a particular genre, and they are so used to it that they speed listen? Who knows. PS, I do agree they can put you to sleep. That's why I put the...
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    Sequel - to kill a mockingbird

    I get what you are saying. But, she's over 100 years old. If money was an object high on her desire list, she had ample opportunity to come out with a sequel. The article clearly states the book was written prior to "to kill a mockingbird" - and the original book will be published unchanged...
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    Sequel - to kill a mockingbird (CNN)Fifty-five years after "To Kill a Mockingbird," Harper Lee is publishing a second book, her publisher said Tuesday. "Go Set a Watchman," which Lee completed in the 1950s and...
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    I'd like some space opera/non hard sci recommendations

    I would also recommend the vorkosigan saga by Lois mcmaster bujold. Excellent drama and not hard Sci Fi. A lot more subtle dialogue then "I am going to gun em down". Just make sure to read in order.
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    Top 25 Best Fantasy Books

    The curse of chalion. Just so brilliant. I've re read multiple times.