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    I hate Goodreads reviews

    I could be wrong, but I think the GR reviews that generate the most discussion get pushed to the top. So it stands to reason that the most controversial ones will be at the top of the page!
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    Names and meanings

    My given name is Ryan! It's from Irish Gaelic and probably means 'little king'.
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    I hate Goodreads reviews

    Has anyone noticed the 'top' Goodreads review for A Game of Thrones? It's a long and pretentious one star review. If you look at what else the same user has reviewed, he's also left similar reviews for The Lord of the Rings, The Shadow of the Torturer, The Anubis Gates, etc... He's obviously got...
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    Your favourite historical movies?

    Gladiator is my all time favourite movie! I'm also a big fan of Kingdom of Heaven, Rob Roy, Apocalypto and Master and Commander
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    Famous fantasy dishes

    I wonder if any of those cookbooks feature the roast dog dish that's a delicacy in Meereen!
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    It's January 2017. What fantasy book(s) are you reading?

    I just started reading The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay! I've been meaning to read his stuff for quite a long time now.
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    I just found out about a fantasy subgenre that I've never heard of before - Gaslamp fantasy

    You're most likely just joking here, but if you actually do go and re-print your business cards, it might be beneficial. People don't really know about 'Gaslamp fantasy', so seeing that written on a business card might make them more curious and interested than if they were to see just 'steampunk'.
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    Scary books for October

    Halloween doesn't seem to be very big here in Australia. I've never had costumed children come to my door, and I've never (until this year!) been invited to a Halloween party. And to be honest I've always been kind of envious of those American Halloween parties you see on TV and in movies, where...
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    The Eagle's Flight, First Chronicle of Adalmearc by D E Olesen

    Congrats, Tanniel! I'm a bit concerned, though! I did a search and your book doesn't seem to be available on the US Amazon site?
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    I just found out about a fantasy subgenre that I've never heard of before - Gaslamp fantasy

    Wikipedia says that it's for Victorian and Edwardian-style settings. But then it also says that Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which is in a Regency/Napoleonic setting, also counts as Gaslamp fantasy. And Goblin Moon certainly looks like a regency setting to me! So then I did a Google image...
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    I just found out about a fantasy subgenre that I've never heard of before - Gaslamp fantasy

    I was browsing Wikipedia and just sort of stumbled across it. Anyone else ever heard of this? Seems like a very close relative of Steampunk, with a lot of overlap. And a lot of properties and stories that would normally be considered 'steampunk'...
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    When spelling errors create demons

    Good article! It reminds me of the Dictionnaire Infernal from 1818, where the author had to really scrape the bottom of the barrel (so to speak) in order to come up with a list of 66 demons. For example the 16th demon in the dictionary is called 'Behemoth', even though the behemoth is a type...
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    Lil' help with best tagline

    I chose the first one! It's short and punchy and makes me wonder about what's going on with the dead eyes seeing things. But pretty much all of them are quite intriguing. I've noticed that mentioning muskets (or cannons, artillery, etc) is always a handy method to tell people that the story...
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    Michael J Sullivan's Riyria

    I visited his website last week (because I wanted to see how successful indie authors like him handle their mailing list signup) and I saw the news posts about his Kickstarter. And Kenubrion: Apparently the illustrator is a fellow named Max Raynor?