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    July: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading

    Farm boy grows up and all of a sudden learns magic to defeat the evil one. That pretty freaking cliche', granted its done better than most, but it still cliche'. The main reason I didn't like a lot of the books it the ungodly amount of unnecessary scenes with women bitching about weather...
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    Which should I read next?

    Malazan, Mistborn, Dresden, Kingdom of Thorne n Bone, and Furies of Calderon are all great choices. If you try rereading Malazan, just keep pushing on. Once you get into the groove, you get totally blown away. Dresden is a great series, too. I was hesitant about it becase of the whole...
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    July: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading

    Forget WOT. Its great for like 6 books and the rest suck. Don't get me wrong, its a great series overall, but there are so many other ones out there that are much better. Malazan, Dresden, Codex of Aleria, Mistborn, First Law: take your pick.
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    Lets play a little game.

    I'd like to see a south park or robot chicken version
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    Book Club: 'Heroes Die' Prologue + Day 1

    I'll join in, but I'm going on vacation this week, so I'll catch up.
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    I like *this* so recommend me.....

    And the fact that he is a rapist.
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    Book Tournament - Quarter Finals

    Forget WOT. The first 6 books are good, but after that they blow. They are worth reading, but not before Malazan.
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    Book Tournament - Quarter Finals

    I personally think that Malazan and Thrones should be in the final, but thats just me. Oh and am91962: YOU MUST READ MALAZAN NOW! ;)
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    Has anyone else heard of Ted Fauster?

    I kind of liked lummy... :cry:
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    Results: Book Tournament Round 3

    Poor Dresden. So close, so close....
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    June: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    Probably take 2 months. I just hope he doesn't dissapoint with Wise Mans Fear. There is a lot of excitement and expectations surrounding it.
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    Goodkind's Groundbreaking New Original Series

    I hope the Evil Chicken makes an appearance...
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    June: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    I didn't know it was possible to read that book slowly. ;)
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    Your suggestions for the Top 25 Fantasy Books List

    I actually read the whole series and like it at the time. Now that I've read more (and much better) fantasy, I realize that it is lacking in many things. My fav. book of the series was actually Temple of the Wind which most people thought sucked. But anyway, I don't think it deserves the top...
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    June: What Fantasy Book Are You Reading?

    Just keep reading, it will all come together. Plow on through.